Ace Analytical Laboratory founders on the forefront of safe cannabis care

Leading Ace Analytical Laboratory are from left: Lizette Matos, Manager; Traci Carranza, Scientifi c Director; and Kris Madsen, Co-founder and Manager.

Ace Analytical Laboratory co-founders Kris Madsen and Bruce Burnett are not your typical laboratory owners. In fact, it wasn’t even their idea to get in the business of testing medicinal cannabis.

Although Madsen is a self-described serial entrepreneur, it was a business associate who suggested she pursue obtaining a laboratory license through the state of Nevada last year. “I was in the market to buy another business and I went to a friend to review P&Ls to get his opinion on potential businesses. As we were discussing the prospects, he asked why I wasn’t getting in the medicinal marijuana testing business.”

The idea clicked instantly. Madsen approached her husband Dr. Bruce Burnett, an anesthesiologist, and the rest is history. “We have been working on this since last May and it’s been like drinking from a fire hose since. We have been diligent in reviewing the entire cannabis movement, and are enthusiastically pursuing the dream of opening our lab,” said Madsen who secured a provisional state license last November, has been taking delivery of lab equipment, and anticipates receiving final state approval to begin operations during the beginning of the third quarter of 2015.

Madsen’s associate was right, she and Burnett are obvious choices for the medicinal cannabis industry. The duo not only knows how to get things done quickly, but as Madsen explains, “Bruce has extensive experience in dealing with and understanding the incredible benefits the proper drugs can bring to patients in need. He understands how the right drugs can benefit patients with certain disorders, and is very comfortable in the lab environment and understands the testing methodology.”

There’s certainly no question about Burnett’s medical knowledge when he speaks about cannabis’ future as a medicinal/pharmacological compound. “We are at the very early stages of understanding the complex human endocannabinoid system and the many specific conditions for which we may be able to develop clinically relevant treatments utilizing compounds derived from cannabis,” explains Burnett. “The scientific and medical understanding of cannabis and its myriad interactions with human diseases and conditions is set to explode over the near term. I thoroughly believe that it will be one of the more exciting areas for research in medicine over the next several decades.”

While Burnett is excited about cannabis’ medical ramifications, Madsen is fervent about Ace Analytical Laboratory’s,, future in the industry. “We are passionate about healthcare and want to make sure what gets introduced into the Las Vegas community is safe, efficacious and used properly,” says Madsen. “We also know that we can be on the forefront of ‘how good it can get’ for people who are suffering from a wide range of diseases and conditions.”