“It really destroyed my body,” Rich Holiday, 44, explains of the chemotherapy he received to treat his colon cancer in 2011. The construction worker, who is now on disability, opted for the traditional route to treat his cancer, receiving 12 rounds of chemotherapy.”

Despite the agonizing pain from neuropathy, panic attacks and insomnia caused by the chemotherapy, Rich was just relieved it worked and his cancer was eradicated.

Then in December 2014 his cancer returned. Rich had started losing weight rapidly which was the first sign something was amiss. “I have always weighed 240. If I am losing weight there’s a problem,” he reveals.

For his second bout with cancer, Rich explains, “I was going to do the chemo but my wife had been researching cannabis and Rick Simpson Oil and she brought it to my attention. My doctor wanted me to start chemo but this was a life and death decision we had to make. We weighed the pros and cons.”

One big strike in the con column was that Rich’s neighbor had just passed away from cancer and he had taken chemotherapy. Another con was his past chemo experience.

“We knew chemo was going to do me in this time so it was between dying the bad way because the chemo hurts so bad, and it really messed me up the first time, or trying something different. Because what could they really do but give me double the dosage this time. We prayed on it and prayed on it,” explains Rich, for who, it ultimately came down to: “If I do pass, how do I want to pass?

“So we went a different route,” explains Rich, whose wife started doing all the research on medical marijuana and encouraging him to apply for his patient card. Rich told his doctor he would do the surgery but wasn’t going to do chemotherapy and instead was going to try cannabis oil.

His doctor tried to persuade him to use chemotherapy again, explaining that there is no research on whether cannabis oil works or not, and that Rich shouldn’t try something based on hearsay. But Rich’s mind was made up. “I told him that the research I did on chemo told me it was gonna kill me.”

Following his surgery in March 2015, Rich recalls telling “the doctors to just pray for us.”

“Once I started taking medical marijuana I immediately could sleep,” Rich says of the first healing benefit from the cannabis oil he noticed.

He also started to gain weight. “When I got out of surgery I was 208 and now I am at 232 lbs.”

Rich returned to his doctor this past November for a pet scan on his pelvis, neck and chest. When his doctor saw him he said to Rich, ‘I am going to tell you the truth, I was scared to see you again and scared to see what you were going to look like.’

Not only does Rich look healthy, more importantly, he is healthy. His pet scan came back clean. “I am blessed. I feel good. Whatever I want to do, I can do now.

“I put all my faith in this oil. I just wish I could have known about this before.”