“Lab testing is the bedrock of the industry,” noted Heath Timmons, a chemist at Canalysis Laboratories, www.canalysislaboratories.com. “Labs are going to be the gatekeepers of quality for cannabis commerce.”

And that’s the very reason why Timmons and his fellow chemist Corey Terry will be instrumental to the success of Canalysis Laboratories, which will begin testing medicinal marijuana products later this summer in Southern Nevada.

“The unique and distinguishing factor about Canalysis is the experience of the staff and that we come from a rigid, data quality background that’s been applied and proven in environmental safety analysis and pharmaceutical quality testing. We will be bringing these practices to the cannabis industry in Nevada,” explained Terry, who has Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Metropolitan State University in Colorado.

Timmons agreed, adding, “Combining our backgrounds sets us apart from other scientists in the industry. The data quality control [Corey] brings is unparalleled.

“It allows us to see everything with the highest sensitivity possible. We will be able to detect organic residues and toxins at the parts per trillion level,” Timmons explained in awe. “It allows us to detect multiple contaminants with one instrument and one run — giving us the best method possible.”

“My background is with extraction, purification, and identification of bioactive natural compounds, and I now bring that expertise to certifying cannabis as safe for the patients of Nevada,” finished Timmons, who graduated with a Master of Science in Organic Chemistry from the University of Illinois.

Helping Timmons and Terry to perform the exemplary work they speak of at Canalysis’s 10,000-square-foot laboratory will be a slew of state-of-the-art instruments. The duo is particularly enamored of a recently acquired liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometer.

“That’s some serious firepower,” added Terry of the spectrometer, noting it will be instrumental to the three- to five-day testing turnaround Canalysis customers can expect.

Terry and Timmons are also excited about Nevada’s role in setting the standard for lab testing. “No market has been given this opportunity but in Nevada we are getting to do real science,” said Timmons. “It’s a unique opportunity for us to set a standard that will be adopted across the United States.”

“We are a national lab using Nevada to set up the lab testing model and then we will roll it out into other states that have legalized medicinal marijuana,” added Tyree Brown, Canalysis CEO.

But to Canalysis’s chemists it is much more than having a national footprint. “Canalysis is definitely concerned with patient health and Nevada’s health as a whole,” explained Terry. “Our motivation is about people and taking care of people, first and foremost.”