Imagine sidling up to the cosmetics counter at Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus and buying luxury skincare products that are made with cannabis. Dirk Lindley, CEO of Cannamour Skincare, is hoping you will be doing just that by the end of this year.

California-based Cannamour spent eight months developing and testing its whole plant cannabis-infused skincare line of topicals and plans to make them available in Hawaii, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Colorado in 2016.

“We took the best of every ingredient that is clinically proven in the marketplace and then we brought the cannabis into it because of its incredible entourage effect,” relays Lindley of Cannamour’s ingredients. “CBD has been a wonderful element that has spearheaded the whole industry to where we are today, but what everybody knows who is in the industry today, is the little hidden truth, CBD by itself is bullshit. You need the whole plant. CBD by itself doesn’t have anywhere near the impact. It’s not just the CBD and THC, but all the cannabinoids.”

Billed as a miracle oil by Cannamour, the company’s literature says its Face & Neck topical, “helps banish the look of wrinkles and fine lines, plumps and firms, and hydrates deeply.”

“We take botanical oils and other types of actives and formulate them together and they would have an incredible effect on their own but we add cannabidiol and, more or less, it takes incredible proprietary formations and puts them on steroids,” explains Matt Haskins, CEO of CannaSafe Analytics, a cannabis testing lab, of Cannamour.

Cannamour products contain a 50/50 ratio of CBD and THC, but Lindley assures that you can’t get high. “It’s virtually impossible to get stoned or drugged or test positive for this topical because it’s not entering the bloodstream. We started testing to see how much THC it would take to register and it never got to that threshold, it never got to the point where it tested.”

“We believe cannabis works in your body like a vitamin,” concludes Lindley. “Cannabis will be proven to be the number one antioxidant, we believe, when this is all over.”