With all of the many, many strains of cannabis in the world, all with their own unique THC and CBD content and physiological effects, it helps to have something to act as a guide.

And that’s exactly what the Cannabis Pocket Reference is for.

The Android app – not yet available on Apple, presumably because of their strict policy on all pot-related apps – acts as an exhaustive database of 225 different types of cannabis, and also contains information about the history of cannabis, the laws governing cannabis in each county (including where it is legal to buy and smoke it), an exclusive grow guide, information on alternate forms of ingestion, and the latest in marijuana-related news.

Information on each strain includes THC and CBD content, time to flowering, diseases the plant can have, and graphics outlining various features.

The Cannabis Pocket Reference is designed as THE ultimate cannabis companion, ideal for everyone from the recreational smoker interested in learning more about different strains to the professional grower looking for more sophisticated horticultural information, from those in the patient care industry to would-be cannabis culinarians. It is easily the most extensively informative cannabis app available, and downloads all information directly to your Android phone or tablet so it can also be used offline. Costing just $2.89, it is an extremely valuable resource for anyone with a semi-serious interest in marijuana beyond the occasional recreational toke.