An impressive forty million Americans use fitness apps or activity trackers. It’s a massive audience that is primed and ready to be daily users of Cannafit. Launching this October, Cannafit is a health, wellness, nutrition and fitness web application custom made for the medical marijuana industry that includes THC and CBD dosage tracking and is HIPAA compliant.

“Cannafit offers the ability to combine diet and exercise with the responsible use of cannabis for an optimal outcome,” explains Peter Boehm, Cannafit CEO and co-founder. “We operate at the intersection of those people using wellness apps and the legalization of medicinal marijuana.”

And it’s quite a busy intersection mainly full of women eager to take care of their inner health and wellness. “As we get older, we become more sensitive to what we eat and what lifestyle we lead. The female over 35 drives $4.3 trillion revenue into the marketplace as CEO of her household,” further explains Boehm of the audience Cannafit appeals to. “They want an experience, they want engagement and they want value-add services. And they want it all to integrate with the mobile devices they use.”

A business-to-business application, Cannafit expects to have 250 and 300 dispensaries when the app launches in October. And there’s a good reason they are lining up. Dispensaries find Cannafit invaluable because of the wealth of information available to them via the app including predictive analytics that can drive business back to them and the ability to track users buying habits via members logging their loyalty points. Additionally, Cannafit is careful not to receive or distribute anyone’s personal information.

“We are not the brand, we are the brand behind the brand,” Boehm describes of Cannafit. “This platform provides all of these deep analytics that aren’t available anywhere in the industry.

We can provide user demographics and show dispensaries what their customers are planning to buy, what they are using and what they are interested in.”
But Cannafit is not just about mass consumer engagement, Boehm also cites community goodwill as another benefit to the platform. “This entire industry was founded on one very important principle — states were given the right to legalize medicinal marijuana based on the medicinal and therapeutic value of it. The industry has done a really poor job of reinforcing the health and wellness side of things.

We are the tool to do that, whether people are suffering from a medical condition or just want to be healthy and fit, we are the tool to help them incorporate cannabis into their lifestyle.

“Cannafit is an online web app that helps consumers achieve a better quality of life through a robust suite of menus, trackers, guides and physician reporting tools,” concludes Boehm.
“In essence, Cannafit uses technology to promote a better quality of life.”