JB was diagnosed with breast cancer in 20ı0 and followed the traditional medical route. Well, almost. She had a lumpectomy but elected to skip radiation and chemotherapy and instead decided to live an organic life.

“After the lumpectomy I decided I am going to do this on my own. I am going to do everything organic and cleanse my body,” the 46-year-old legal assistant recalls, explaining that she prefers alternative medicine over traditional. “The doctors make me uncomfortable, I don’t like to take medicine, I don’t even like aspirin.”

But living organically didn’t keep the disease at bay and JB was diagnosed last April with Stage 4 breast cancer. “When it came back I knew about it two years before I was actually diagnosed. I ignored it, I knew I had a lump in my right breast. It started changing and so I knew I needed to do something,” relays JB. “They told me I had six months to live but I think they tell everybody that because they want you to do some kind of treatment right away.”

JB contacted a trusted girlfriend in San Francisco who advised her to join a Phoenix Tears forum on Facebook to find out more about cannabis oil. She started doing research and “decided that if I was going to do this harsh chemo treatment than I wanted to do cannabis with it.”

JB applied for her medical marijuana card, found consultant Lance Parvin of Compassionate Awareness Project to help her with dosing, and started taking cannabis oil in May 20ı5. A month later she started oral chemotherapy as recommended by her oncologist Dr. Fadi Braiteh of Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada.

Between her use of cannabis oil and chemotherapy, JB has experienced dramatic results. She had two masses that shrunk dramatically between PET scans taken in April 20ı5 and August 20ı5. One tumor changed in size from 2.3 cm x ı.2 cm to ı.9 cm x .9 cm during the four-month period. Another mass was reduced from 2.8 cm x 2.7 cm to 2.0 cm x ı.4 cm. A third tumor that had measured ı4 mm x 8 mm in April had completely disappeared by August.

“I attribute her complete results to cannabis, I attribute nothing to chemo,” concludes Parvin. “There is not a chemo that is not heart toxic. There’s a University of Texas study proving that. They tested 29 different cancer drugs and found not one that is not toxic to the heart. I don’t attribute any long-term result to any chemo at all.”

Following a CT scan in early December, JB’s prognosis continued to be positive. “Dr. Braiteh was ecstatic. He actually gave me a high five on my CT scan results,” recalls JB. “I think I will be cancer-free within six months or less. I will stay on the oil. Lance told me as a preventative measure, I will probably have to take the oil for the rest of my life which I don’t have a problem with.”

JB’s faith in cannabis paid off, noting, “I never doubted the oil once.”