Across the nation, many individuals pick up the phone to order cannabis to be delivered to their home, just like when they order a pizza. However, a staggering number of those cannabis deliveries are illegal. In Nevada, patients have relied on and utilized delivery services to obtain their medicine for years. However, cannabis delivery services – places that only deliver – are illegal in Nevada. Only state licensed dispensaries, and only in limited situations, may deliver cannabis to patients. The distinction of who can legally deliver and what is an illegal delivery service may seem trivial, but it is of vital importance. If a patient utilizes an illegal delivery service, the patient is committing a crime. Law enforcement has been busting illegal delivery services and patients utilizing those services. Patients have been arrested and held due to use of illegal delivery services. Therefore, let’s break down what is allowed under Nevada law. If you visited well-known cannabis websites such as or today you would see that anywhere from 15 to over 20 “delivery-only” dispensaries are listed as serving patients in the Las Vegas area. Some of these places even claim to serve out-of-state patients. Some of the “delivery-only” places have professional looking websites leading a patient to believe they are legitimate. Much as if I were utilizing a coupon on, I could utilize the “Deal of the Day” coupon at to receive 2 grams of top-shelf flower for only $30 at one shop. Even a simple Google search tends to suggest delivery-only shops are legitimate. I can do a Google search for pizza delivery and am led to places like Dominos or Pizza Hut and when I Google cannabis delivery I get listings for Weedmaps, Leafly and Where’s Weed. Therefore, many innocent patients believe these to be legitimate businesses. The issue is that the websites that list these delivery-only services take no responsibility for the illegal action they are facilitating. Yes, they are aware that delivery-only is illegal in Nevada but they continue to list them. Therefore, patients unknowingly utilize these services. To be clear – the only place to legally obtain medicine in the State of Nevada is to purchase it from a state licensed dispensary or to grow it in your own home. So how would a patient be able to tell if a business is a state licensed facility or an illegal delivery service? First, look for the state license. State licensed dispensaries are required to have their license hanging in the waiting area of the dispensary. Second, look at the website listings. A listing that advertises “delivery-only” is not a state licensed facility as the state licensed facilities are required to have a brick and mortar facility to service patients. Third, ask to see an employee’s state issued agent registration card. If an employee is working in a state licensed facility, even on a delivery to a patient, they will have an agent registration card issued from the State of Nevada that permits them to work in a state licensed facility. Tonight when you pick up the phone, do not hesitate to order a pizza for delivery. However, if cannabis delivery is what you need, be cautious. Locate a state licensed dispensary and see if they are able to deliver to you. A call to a cannabis delivery service could very well lead to you calling someone to post your bail. Connor and Connor PLLC