Wellness. Professional. Compassionate. Clean. Patients. Those five words instantly come to mind for Euphoria Wellness’ Managing Director Darlene Purdy when asked to describe the Las Vegas Valley’s first dispensary to open its doors.

With healing, education, and safety in mind, Euphoria strives to be the first stop for patients on the road to wellness by offering patients one-on-one treatment, according to Purdy. The Euphoria Wellness experience starts the second the patient walks into the dispensary and is welcomed by its highly trained staff. No matter how long a patient has been medicating, Euphoria’s wellness guides will lead each patient from beginning to end with knowledge and advice.

Not only do Euphoria’s wellness guides educate patients on strains and the various products they carry, but the dispensary also provides laboratory test results in order to find the best possible medication. With each visit, patients will better understand their needs.

In order to target patients as individuals rather than a general population, Euphoria keeps a wide variety of product on hand, from JUJU joint vaporizers to pre-rolls and concentrates. By the turn of the year, Euphoria’s own cultivation and production center will be complete. With the completion, Euphoria will expand its inventory by adding edibles and Nevada-tested topical creams. The dispensary also hopes to offer more strains such as Kosher Kush, Tahoe OG, Gurl Scout Cookie and Bob Marley on top of their existing strains, which include Chem 91, Platinum Blue Dream, Poprox, and RKS.

While Euphoria promises every patient a one-on-one experience, it also guarantees safety and security throughout their entire visit. Euphoria claims to provide the highest level of security in the industry, with security escorts offered to every patient. “We’re excited to be able to serve patients in the valley and we can’t wait for our cultivation to open so we can provide our own medicine,” said Purdy.

Managing partners David Goldwater and Chris Olsen, along with Director of Education Greta Carter, take pride in their passion for excellence at Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary. Inyo Fine looks at its partnership with the state of Nevada and its patients as a privilege, and through that responsibility they are motivated to dispel the deep-seeded stigma associated with marijuana, according to Carter.

Carter is putting education and research at the forefront of the dispensary’s mission. “We look at the test results and see what makes a certain strain effective for a particular illness or condition,” she explained.

The research, however, does not end there for Carter and Inyo Fine’s staff. When patients enter Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary, an educational center is made available to them, complete with books specific to medicinal cannabis and an open computer station for further research. With these tools, Inyo Fine hopes to build a level of trust and comfort with their patients.

Inyo Fine takes advantage of the detailed research conducted in Nevada when training its staff, and encourages the team to deliver the same quality education to each patient. But Inyo Fine’s mission is not married to education and research alone. They put a lot of effort into creating an inviting, patient-friendly, safe, and accessible atmosphere.

In the coming months, Inyo Fine’s own cultivation and processing center will open. By then, they hope to have up to 30 different purely organic strains on hand at out-the-door prices, including Strawberry Cough, Fire Alien Kush, Lavender, Afterlife OG, LA Confidential and Enzo Kush. Patients can also look out for edibles, topicals, tinctures, concentrates and oils.

As the cannabis market develops, Inyo Fine will keep patients updated through mobile phone updates, which patients can set up online through their website. “It is a privilege to be here and a lot of eyes are on us as the market evolves,” Carter noted.


Making compassion and knowledge the core of its mission, Las Vegas ReLeaf is described by CEO, Edward Bernstein, as “the best in the country.” Bernstein characterized the newly opened dispensary as the best, in part, because of the thoughtful approach the dispensary has taken with regard to patient safety and education.

For instance, ReLeaf provides its customers with safe and legal medication by sending new users home with first-time patient kits to ensure a safe experience from beginning to end. To educate patients, the dispensary provides self-guided, interactive educational features available both online and through its mobile app. Patients can also take advantage of ReLeaf’s onsite budtenders, who are well-versed on the dispensary’s product.

Offering a wide range of products, ReLeaf, which is centrally located near the Strip, and stands within 1,000 feet of 12 bus stops and the Las Vegas Monorail, has sativa, indica, hybrids and a range of CBD-based topical creams and lotions. As the market evolves, the dispensary also plans to carry edibles and concentrates. By March, Las Vegas ReLeaf hopes to bring in strains such as Fire Alien Kush, Purple Haze, Enzo Kush, Sage N Sour, Pure Sunshine, Strawberry Cough, Gorilla Glue #4, and Train Wreck from its own cultivation.

“We’re really accessible, responsible, professional, and we put patients first,” Bernstein said of ReLeaf’s owners, a combination of doctors, attorneys and businesspeople who, Bernstein, acknowledged “bring a balance of responsible management that’s hard to replicate.”