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strains from Deep Roots Harvest


Vape cartridges and Pure Tonic waxes


various Evergreen Organix Edibles


CBD for Life and Plus CBD

Mission Statement

| Euphoria Wellness’ mission is three-fold: healing, education and discovery.

Range of Products

| Euphoria Wellness offers a wide range of high quality cannabis products including flower, concentrate and edibles. They also carry accessories and devices that aid in ingestion of cannabis products.

Reason for the Name

| Euphoria Wellness’ owners were the founders of Euphoria Salons and Day Spas. As the name has been synonymous with wellness in the Las Vegas Valley for over 20 years, the decision was made to brand the dispensary as Euphoria Wellness.

Staff Education

| Euphoria strives to be the first stop for patients on the road to wellness by offering patients one-on-one treatment, according to Darlene Purdy, Euphoria Wellness’ Managing Director. The Euphoria Wellness experience starts the second the patient walks into the dispensary and is welcomed by its highly trained staff. No matter how long a patient has been medicating, Euphoria’s wellness guides will lead each patient from beginning to end with knowledge and advice.
Not only do Euphoria’s wellness guides educate patients on strains and the various products they carry, but the dispensary also provides laboratory test results in order to assist the patient in finding the best possible medication for their condition.
The team at Euphoria guarantees safety and security throughout a patient’s entire visit by providing a security escort to every patient.

Charitable Endeavors

| Euphoria fundraises on behalf of Helping Our Brothers and Sisters (HOBS). The dispensary routinely donates to Meds for Kids, Hep B Free Las Vegas and St. Joseph Catholic High School. Additionally, Euphoria has a standing discount program for veterans and they offer disabled veterans discounts based on level of disability
as stated by the Department of
Veterans Affairs.