With a product line that runs the gamut from chocolate squares, French-made macaroons and double chocolate brownies to cranberry oatmeal cookies, Gummy candy, and vegan sugar-free GMO bars, Evergreen Organix Cultivation and Production is the Willy Wonka of Nevada’s medicinal cannabis space.

But Evergreen Organix Cultivation and Production is offering much more than just the tastiest edibles in the marketplace. They are doing it in one of the most sterile environments in the industry. “We are trying to set a standard of quality and cleanliness that will translate into safety for the patients,” explains Kurt Barrick, master grower for Evergreen Organix Cultivation and Production.

That strict adherence to safety translates into Evergreen Organix cultivation employees showering upon their arrival to the facility and then donning a decontamination uniform. Should an employee leave, they will have to go through the cleaning process again upon their return.
“We put them in a quarantine type of situation before they are even allowed to come out on the floor so it’s a very, very extremely clean product,” explains Barrick. “You go to Washington, Colorado, California, Oregon, and Arizona and they are buying product that’s been grown outdoors or is from greenhouses so the difference with Evergreen is we produce our own product. The cleaner the product we start with the better the quality and cleanliness of the product you end up with especially on the extraction side. Everything is cleaned, controlled and sterile which is very critical to the end product.”

The secondary benefit of such a controlled environment is a lot of pesticides don’t have to be applied. “We don’t even have to apply organic pesticides or fungicides. We run a sterile-free zone and we don’t spray our plants. The anti-microbial, sterilization and cleaning we do helps us to reduce any pesticide and fungicide use,” says Barrick.

Evergreen Organix Medibles

Evergreen also doesn’t use preservatives in its product. “One of the keys to keeping the product fresh is we use a blast freeze that retains all the taste and allows us to hold the product longer,” says Barrick.

Equally important to Evergreen’s line of edibles is taste. The company has hired three chefs who each possess their own distinctive set of skills for creating edibles in Evergreen’s 4,000-square-foot kitchen. One specializes in French pastries, another is skilled in crafting sugar-, gluten-, and GMO-free confections, and the third has a medical background and will produce vegan, gluten- and GMO-free masterpieces.

“We did lots of taste tests with each chef to make sure we were confidant in the product they could make. The infusion isn’t really difficult — that’s the really easy part,” explains Barrick. “The more complicated part is getting that homemade taste into the edibles, which is really important to us and the product we are creating.”