The influence of a city that is at the pinnacle of gourmet dining has reverberated to the medicinal cannabis industry. Las Vegas’ fine dining environment has impacted one cultivation and production entity to the point of creating French-inspired medibles.

Evergreen Organix Cultivation and Production has hired three chefs and a licensed dietician to create a broad line of medibles featuring sugar-free, non-GMO, organic and vegan-style products that range from cookies to chocolate squares.

“We have done quite a few tastings. I, myself, have never been into vegan and GMO so I was in shock with just how incredible the tastes were. Everything they have produced has been phenomenal,” enthuses Kurt Barrick, master grower for Evergreen Organix Cultivation and Production,

Barrick’s favorite medible so far has been an Oatmeal Chocolate Cookie. “I am not a big chocolate fan and it didn’t have any sugar in it and I couldn’t believe how good it tasted. Once they are on the market, I think the word of mouth is just going to explode.”

The secret to the delicious taste is Evergreen’s CO2 extraction machine. “The machine extracts the medicine from the plant and leaves everything else behind including the marijuana taste,” reveals Barrick of making Evergreen’s two medible lines: Ego and Evergreen. “In the past, people used to be able to taste the cannabis. Now if you are making a recipe for Grandma’s brownie, it tastes just like Grandma’s brownie. It’s a very clean and quality process.”

Another quality component is the design/build of Evergreen’s 30,000-square-foot cultivation facility and production kitchen. “Evergreen’s focus has really been on sterilization during the design of the facility so we can use the least amount of pesticides and provide the cleanest product possible.

“We are just trying to establish and set the quality standard. Patients deserve a very clean product and we are anti-microbial from floor to lid,” reports Barrick of the variety of medibles Evergreen is making for patients with conditions that include HIV/AIDs, cancer, asthma, peanut allergies, and diabetics with sugar issues. “Our products are not a prescription, but rather a recommendation based on other patients’ use and experience.”

Safety is another priority, says Barrick, who estimates Evergreen will be fully operational by early September with product available around the holidays. “This is a medical product so our packaging is double safety child resistant. I have done this for a long time and Evergreen is diligent about doing everything possible utilizing today’s technology to have the safest, cleanest, most consistent product we possibly can.”