Highland Medical will be the first grower in Nevada to bring a 1:1 CBD/THC strain to the medical cannabis marketplace. Starting this month, Highland Medical’s Highland Heterotic, which has an approximate ratio of 6%:6% CBD to THC, will be available in Las Vegas dispensaries.

This is a major development for patients in Southern Nevada because most of the cannabis strains carried by local dispensaries are THC dominant. Studies have shown CBD, which is a cannabinoid compound that has significant medical benefits, shows great promise, with medical advancements that include antitumor effects such as induced programmed cell death in breast cancer cells and exerting a chemo-preventive effect on colon cancer in a mouse model. But more commonly, patients use it for pain relief, appetite stimulation, and for improved quality of sleep, relaxation and seizures.

“The medical marijuana testing services of G3 Labs has validated the data of Highland Heterotic which indicates a very promising potency profile with lower THCa and higher CBD levels,” explained Dr. Chaohsiung Tung, Laboratory Scientific Director for G3 Labs. “Very few strains with such a potency profile exist in the current Nevada cannabis industry.”

Highland Medical was able to achieve a high-CBD level in its signature strain by using a hybridization process called heterosis, which is the tendency of a crossbred plant to show qualities superior to both parents.

“We developed the strain ourselves. It took a lot of work and the use of the heterotic effect,” said Rick Turner, master grower for Highland Medical, who started developing the strain in 2010. “It’s not just the genetics, it’s also correctly hybridizing the plant by using the heterotic effect of the plants combined.”

In addition to Turner’s use of heterosis to develop medical strains, he and his partner Rich Ginocchi, CEO/President of Highland Medical, are also taking the lead in the industry with regard to cultivating a medical grade growing environment.

“We have partnered with G3 Labs to test our soil, plants and our environment every few weeks not by state requirements, but by our own requirements just for quality sake. We are not your typical commercial grow. The size of our operation and the limited number of high-CBD strains that we developed allows us to focus on quality management, using only the best products available and cultivation methods that classify us as a boutique,” explained Ginocchi.

“Highland Medical is paying extra care to ensure the plants are growing in a nurturing environment. To ensure a sound and safe cultivation practice, the environmental services of G3 Labs has been continuously monitoring and testing various samples, such as air, water, planting media, fertilizers, and pest management material from the Highland Medical cultivation facility,” said Dr. Tung.

Highland Medical’s niche is truly medical as evidenced by both their breeding process and grow environment. “We have developed this strain with these truly medical properties for the benefit of the medical marijuana patient,” concluded Turner.