Important Info

Product List:

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Phone Number:

(702) 707 – 8888

Top Selling:


Grape Stomper, Lavender


MTF Crumble, Moxie SFV OG Shatter


Evergreen Organix Chocolate Chip Cookie and Macaroon

What is their mission?

To provide excellent patient care and fine quality cannabis at affordable pieces in a clean, safe environment.

Range of products

NevadaPure’s CBD Lavender Lotion XX Strength

Meaning behind the name

Inyo is named for a steam locomotive that was built in 1875 and retired in 1926, and is currently housed at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City.

What kind of products?

Flower, kief, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrate, and JuJu Joints

What is unique about them?

Goldwater cites Inyo’s budtenders as one of the dispensary’s more extraordinary aspects because they are so knowledgeable, noting that, “The time they spend getting acclimated to the different products, terpene profiles, and the interaction with patients — that’s what makes Inyo much, much different than other places. It’s an emotional purchase, people are scared and they want to feel comfortable. They want to deal with people they know and like. We want our budtenders to be friends with the patients.”

How educated are their staff?

“Our patients rely on our budtenders so we really make an effort to make sure we find people who are knowledgeable of the industry. We give them time and opportunity to educate themselves about the products and to do their own research on terpene profiles and different strains. I think that really shows and gives patients confidence in their ability to make recommendations,” said David Goldwater, partner.

User Friendly

Inyo opened only last fall but they have already made renovations, recently installing a new area in the dispensary’s lobby where patients can view videos to educate themselves about everything from cooking with marijuana-infused products to dabbing. Inyo also offers an online course that patients can take about general laws and regulations of what they can and cannot do.

Noteworthy Experts & Charitable Endeavors

“One of the Inyo principals is a leader in the cannabis industry, Greta Carter, founder of the Cannabis Training Institute, who has developed a curriculum that adds another layer of expertise for the staff,” explains Goldwater.

Inyo has recently partnered with Veterans Village, committing funds to house a veteran for a year.