Acclaimed for its secret dish of the same name, Killer Shrimp has made its way to Las Vegas, opening a location at Town Square in late 2015. “Las Vegas was a logical choice because it’s so accessible as well as being a world-class destination,” explained Kevin Michaels, CEO of Killer Shrimp, of opening the first Killer Shrimp outside of California.

From 1988 until 2008, the restaurant’s eponymous dish was so wildly popular it was the only entree the restaurant served. It may be so coveted because Michaels and his family have kept the secret spices used to make the dish a closely guarded secret. “The guys in the kitchen don’t even know what goes into the spice profile,” he said, noting that “people love trying to guess what’s in it.”

In spite of its wild success, Killer Shrimp expanded its menu in 2008 to 60 items but to this day 50 percent of what it sells is still its spicy shellfish dish served by itself or over either rice or angel hair pasta. 

The new restaurant is pleased to now share its Killer Shrimp with Las Vegas and is even more pleased to offer the state’s medical cannabis patients a discount. Patients who show their medical marijuana card can receive a 20% discount off of their check in January. Michaels feels strongly about taking care of medical marijuana patients because he has a personal connection.

“Twice I have seen it really impact people in my life in a big way — that’s my whole connection,” he relayed. “My mom passed away in 2007 from pancreatic cancer. My mother was a very health-driven person and never smoked pot. But she was so sick that toward the later stages we talked her into trying it.

“Watching your mom go through that and seeing the magic of it and how it gave her a new lease on life and get some enjoyment and be able to smile again, it was a very positive thing. Marijuana would give her a little bit of relief.”

And in its own small way, Killer Shrimp is also hoping to give Nevada medical marijuana patients a little relief – just a whole lot tastier.

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