Kimberly Hillen, 31, has never been the type of person to back down from a challenge, so when a position opened up with her company across the country, it was not long until Hillen found herself sitting on an airplane. Destination? Las Vegas.

But Hillen had no idea how big of a fray she was walking into.

As soon as she stepped off the plane, Hillen was met with 12-hour workdays, seven days a week. With a demanding schedule like this, it is no surprise that she woke up in a panic every morning.

“I was on the verge of a mental breakdown every day,” explains Hillen. “I was scared. I was afraid I would fail at work.”
Alone in a new city, the sleepless nights seemed infinite. And for the first time in her life, Hillen thought this would be the one challenge to defeat her.

In an attempt to take her life back from insomnia and anxiety, Hillen gave Tylenol PM a chance. “It just didn’t feel right,” said Hillen. “It felt forced. And when I would wake up, it felt like my head wasn’t attached to my body.”

But Hillen is a fighter, and she knew she would come out on top one way or another.

And as fate would have it, Lance Parvin showed up at Hillen’s work desk a month later.

“We just clicked, and after a little bit of talking, he told me about his work,” explains Hillen. As co-founder of the Compassionate Awareness Project, paired with his background in herbal psychopharmacology, Parvin introduced Hillen to medicinal cannabis in the form of CBD oil.

Almost immediately after her meeting with Parvin, Hillen began taking CBD oil in a pill form.

And in the on-going match between Hillen and two debilitating conditions, the odds were not in Hillen’s favor. But with the healing powers of medicinal cannabis, she won the fight with a knockout, sending both insomnia and anxiety to the mat.

“I sleep through the night now,” says Hillen. “And in the morning, I don’t have this dark cloud hanging over me anymore.”

Hillen has now been medicating with CBD oil longer than she’s been in Las Vegas, and with no psychoactive effects, she doesn’t plan to stop.

These days, Hillen feels like an unstoppable force. She is confident, energetic and doing well for herself.

“Before trying [it], I was dealing with the weight of my conditions on my own,” Hillen reflects. “I was constantly in a panic. Now I can even pause during a busy day and I don’t feel scared.”

In the fight against insomnia and anxiety, Hillen is 1-0.