Top Selling:


Strawberry Cough (Sativa)


Blue Dream JuJu Joints, Top Selling Indica , Lavender

What is their mission?

Compassion, knowledge, comfort, and safety and security are at the core of ReLeaf’s mission. In addition, ReLeaf strives to provide a thoughtful approach to patient safety and education, as well as demystify and divorce society from the subculture formed around cannabis.

What kind of products?

Flower, concentrate, edibles, and pre-rolls as well as topical lotions, cremes, tinctures, patches and muscle freezes.

What makes them unique?

ReLeaf’s management and location make it a prime choice for patients. The dispensary’s combination of doctors, attorneys and businesspeople offer a balance of responsible management that’s difficult to replicate. “We’re really accessible, responsible, professional. And we put patients first,” said CEO Ed Bernstein. Las Vegas ReLeaf is centrally located near the Strip, surrounded by 12 bus stops in a 1,000-foot radius as well as being within walking distance of the Las Vegas Monorail.

How educated are their staff?

ReLeaf’s well-versed budtenders are educated on the dispensary’s wide range of products through interactive educational features. Budtenders, along with patients, also have access to educational resources online at ReLeaf’s website and via their mobile application.

What does the place look like?

Although we felt the vivid color and lighting palette gave Las Vegas ReLeaf a club feel, every design choice in the dispensary, from the colors and lighting in the waiting area to the menu boards, reflect a desire to create a physical space as warm and as welcoming as the service patients receive at ReLeaf. “Ultimately, we believe that great dispensary design, coupled with unparalleled service and top-shelf medicine, is key to having a great dispensary experience and that Las Vegas ReLeaf provides patients with the total package,” boasted Marketing Coordinator Jacob Silverstein of the dispensary. The dispensary’s design inspiration is not limited to comfort, safety and security were also fundamental to Las Vegas ReLeaf, which has over 40 surveillance cameras with facial recognition technology.