Envisioning Nevada as a leader in the medical marijuana industry through research, innovation and proper regulation, the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association (LVMMA) was established one year ago in an effort to organize, promote and support Southern Nevada’s medical marijuana industry.

Founded by John Laub – president, James Lamb – vice president and Tom Haynie, LVMMA was formed to be a chamber of commerce type of organization for the Las Vegas medical marijuana industry. Although still in its infancy, the organization has held over 20 meetings and events, covering everything from education, regulation, and new innovations to networking, packaging, security and safety.

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LVMMA President John Laub

LVMMA’s membership is made up of dispensary owners, production facilities, cultivators, labs and various companies that work with the industry. The organization also has members who are patients, doctors, nurses and researchers.

“We are an inclusive group that includes members who are supporters of medical marijuana,” John Laub explains of LVMMA’s open invitation to anyone interested in attending meetings. “We believe that we need to include as many people as possible for the health aspects as well as the economic opportunities it will create in Southern Nevada.”

With regard to economic opportunities, the organization’s founders believe the industry will initially create 3,000 jobs in Nevada and as demand grows, they estimate close to 10,000 people will be working in the medical marijuana industry.

As for medicinal marijuana’s beneficial health aspects, Laub believes that in time the Silver State will become a premiere destination for medical marijuana tourism — predicting that families and patients will come to Nevada for the latest treatments and advancements in medical marijuana to treat everything from autism, PTSD and Parkinson’s, to migraines, cancer, epilepsy and other maladies.

“Patients will come to Nevada to see if certain strains and cannabinoids can treat Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders in children, ADD & ADHD and reduce the plaque in brains that leads to Alzheimer’s disease,” says Laub.

“Nevada has always been open to new ideas and we don’t see that being any different with regard to the medicinal marijuana industry,” concludes Laub.
For more information about Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association, visit www.lvmma.org.