This is going to be one of those stories where the customer liked the product so much he bought the business. Joff Paradise, a former member of the Airborne Special Forces for 27 years, was so satisfied with the results cannabidiol or CBD had in helping treat his PTSD and chronic pain, he decided to start an online business that would allow him to make it available to others who were suffering.

“We are in this to help people, I want to give back,” said Paradise of, where he sells CBD-based products that comes in the form of sprays, capsules and concentrates and is legal in all 50 states. “I tell patients and clients all the time, I might not add years to your life, but I can definitely add life to your years.”

After discovering CBD in 2014, Paradise put life in his own years by slowly weaning himself off of 21 pharmaceuticals he used to treat chronic pain and PTSD he suffered as a result of a military career that included being shot four times, stabbed twice, and blown up once. Those injuries resulted in a textbook amputation of the military veteran’s left leg, a complete right knee replacement, plates in his head and knee, and a total of 34 surgeries and procedures just on his neck and spine alone.

At the suggestion of a fellow military veteran who had been exposed to Agent Orange and was a proponent of medical cannabis, Paradise initially started using CBD for “intense pain in my stump, but I have pain all over. I was suffering from all this chronic pain. But my biggest pain area and the place where I saw it work the quickest was on my phantom pain.

“Used to be, I always felt like something was standing on my foot, crushing it or I would have a burning sensation in the balls of my feet that wouldn’t stop,” Paradise explained of his phantom pain sensations, which are perceptions related to a limb that is not physically part of the body. “After using CBD, that pain wasn’t there anymore. Now it just feels normal and that’s a big deal because phantom pain makes some people go crazy. Since I have been using CBD, it’s gone and that just blows my mind because no doctor can do anything for phantom pain. There is no remedy or drug that they can prescribe to you for phantom pain.”

Paradise, who is 53, uses 100 milligrams of CBD spray from each day, two squirts in the morning and two squirts in the evening. “After it saturates the cells of the body and the receptors and the nerves, it just works and it continues to work,” he relayed.

“When I first had my brain injury I couldn’t find my way around the block, I couldn’t complete a sentence and I would lose focus about what I was talking about,” Paradise recalled. “Now today, since I have cleared up all the prescription medications and use CBD, I can get anywhere we need to go, I am not getting lost anymore, I am keeping my focus and I don’t stutter since I have been able to drop pharmaceuticals.”

Not only can Paradise focus now, but he is also currently on track to get his Ph.D. in anti-aging medicine and nanotechnology in 2018 and finds himself in a much different mental state.

“I am functioning now but before I didn’t want to go out into society, I was mad all the time. I wasn’t a happy person. Now I am easy to deal with. Instead of fighting at being an amputee, I accepted it. Now I am walking, I am going to conventions and I am giving seminars about homeopathic ways and being a naturalist,” Paradise explained. “It’s just a life-changing event to not be living in a fog. It changed my whole attitude, it changed my way of thinking.”