MMC Depot, a veteran in the cannabis packaging arena, is about to take the industry by storm with the introduction of a revolutionary new product this month.

“We believe we have identified the perfect storage containers. We have spent over two years in the research and development of our new Evolution line which we have specifically created for the marijuana industry,” explained Dovid Zussman, Director of MMC Depot. “We are launching a brand-new line of products designed specifically for cannabis and will dramatically improve the patient and consumer experience.”

With over 500 dispensaries, growers, and edible companies throughout the country making up their client base, MCC Depot has the knowledge and expertise to develop packaging products for the cannabis industry. “We took into consideration many things while developing this packaging line including brandability, ease of use, child safety and environmental concerns such as climate and heat,” said Zussman.“Our Evolution line sets the standard for air and odor resistance which ensures the product, flower or bud retains its freshness.”

American-made using the highest standards of quality, MMC Depot’s Evolution products, which are part of the company’s CoolJarz line, have not been retrofitted from another industry but custom made for cannabis.

One particular product in the Evolution line has been made specifically for hash oil. “There’s a negative stereotype associated with the traditional method by which oils have been sold such as oral syringes that has to do with heroin, and because the industry needs to distinguish itself away from that we developed CRringe,” enthused Zussman. “It’s the first of its kind, it’s child resistant,and is unlike anything anybody has ever seen in this industry for the packaging of hash oils. It is patient-friendly, displays very well on the retail level, and takes everything into consideration with regard to compliance and safety issues.”

Compliance and safety issues are something MCC Depot knows a lot about. “We are full-service in packaging, printing and design for the cannabis industry,” Zussman emphasized of the company’s all-inclusive, full-service product offering, “but, most importantly, where Nevada is now, is where we were a few years ago in Denver so we have plenty of experience to draw from.”

Based out of Denver, MCC Depot will be able to handle Nevada’s packaging needs locally because they are opening a Las Vegas outpost during the first quarter of 2016.This will allow the company to offer same-day service to their customers.

In addition to quick service, MCC Depot also offers branding, product development and design, and a full array of packaging solutions with factory direct pricing. “In other words, we are a full-service packaging supply partner.”