With its reputation as “Sin City,” it only stands to reason that Nevada would be a front-runner in the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

Currently recreational marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, Washington, Washington D.C., and Alaska, while Oregon’s recreational laws go into effect this July.

Researcher Barney Warf, a professor of geography at the University of Kansas, predicts that the next five states where marijuana will be legalized for recreational use are likely to be California, Nevada, Vermont, Illinois, and New York. In regards to Nevada, he says that it shares the same libertarian mentality as Alaska, which will help to push legalization efforts forward. Additionally (though speculatively), the opportunity to make money off a potential tourism-booster is too significant for the tourism-dependent state to pass up.

Warf is the author of “High Points: An Historical History of Cannabis,” published in the peer-reviewed journal Geographical Review in September 2014, which looks specifically at the historical geography of the plant and how current laws and voter leanings can predict the future of marijuana laws in America.