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(702) 444 – 4790

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Kooks, Slymer, White Berry


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Cookies & Cream Bar

What is their mission?

We are Nevada’s Premier Vertically integrated Medical Marijuana Enterprise and we are here to provide quality medicine at an affordable price to patients across the greater Las Vegas area.

Range of Products

We currently carry several strain varieties of flower, high quality concentrates that are made inhouse, and we produce all of our own edibles and topicals. We have recently been producingTHC Vape Cartridges for a more portable method of ingestion. We carry all kinds of accessoriesand devices as well as other CBD & THC infused tinctures and topicals. We will be introducing afew new chocolate bars to our menu soon as well as some new candy treats.

Meaning Behind Name

We call our company NevadaPURE™, because our name reflects the core and character of ourbusiness.  Our name also reflects the quality of our products. We want our product to be asPURE as possible. We want consumers to receive the maximum benefit of best marijuanastrains available occurring naturally in a completely organic growing environment.

What does the Staff’s Education Entail?

We provide in-house training on Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) codes regarding MedicalMarijuana regulations. We provide security and safety training for all of staff members, as wellas basic training regarding medical marijuana production, cannabis characteristic recognition,and an overview of the medicinal benefits of Medical Marijuana.

Dispensaries Most Unique Attributes

We are a fully integrated medical marijuana enterprise. Because we grow all of our ownMarijuana, we are able to produce high quality marijuana products consistently. Because of thisintegration, we can offer top shelf products at an affordable price.

Any Charitable Endeavors Dispensary involved in

Many NevadaPURE™ employees volunteer to support the Question 2 Initiative in Nevada and will bepresent at multiple charitable events including HempFest as well as gatherings presented byWeCAN702.