Wishing Wellness Medical opens two locations 

Dr. Scott Jacobson has opened Wishing Wellness Medical. Formerly the medical director of Iora Health’s Turntable Health in downtown Las Vegas, Dr. Jacobson’s new practice, which opened in mid-March, specializes in functional medicine.

“I have been doing a lot of functional medicine, which is kind of a more holistic medical approach using some of the herbs and botanicals to treat patients, and cannabis is just another herb in the arsenal,” explains Dr. Jacobson. “There’s been a lot of talk about cannabis in the functional medicine community and so I started doing some research on it. We started going to dispensaries, talking to budtenders, learning more, reading the National Academies, which just published a big compendium of all the research on medical cannabis.”

Noticing a void in the marketplace, Dr. Jacobson decided rather than returning to the status quo of traditional healthcare he would charter a different path. “I really wanted to have a place for people to go because a lot of people get their patient cards and then they are just kind of shoved out into the world to figure it out on their own. They really don’t have the guidance and that’s a void I really wanted to fill.”

Some of the gaps he would like to fill include, “having somebody to actually talk about your medicine, how to titrate it, what is it you are actually looking for, what you need, and how can we get you on the best medicine – these are all practicalities that need to be addressed.”

Wishing Wellness Medical has two locations: 10120 South Eastern Avenue in Henderson and 10161 Park Run Drive. wishingwellnessmedical.com


Clark County appoints Green Ribbon Advisory Panel

Clark County Commission has assembled a 12-member Green Ribbon Advisory Panel to make recommendations regarding zoning and businesses licensing of the recreational marijuana industry. Members from the marijuana industry, the gaming and retail industries, and professional associations related to recreational and medical marijuana, were selected in early March and include:

Nevada Gaming Control Board/Gaming Commission:
Dr. Tony Alamo, Nevada Gaming Commission chairman

Nevada Resort Association: Virginia Valentine, Nevada Resort Association president

Local casino interests: consultant Lucy Stewart, and Andrew Abboud of Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary: Frank Hawkins, owner of Nevada Wellness Center

Medical Marijuana Cultivation, standalone: Howard Starr, managing member of Las Vegas Natural Caregivers/House of Herbs

Medical Marijuana Cultivation, integrated: Armen Yemenidjian, Integral Associates CEO

Medical Marijuana Laboratory: Dr. Chao-Hsiung Tung, CEO and scientific director of G3 Labs

Medical Marijuana Production Establishment:
Jay Matos, lobbyist

Medical Marijuana Patient Advocate: Carmen Jones, pediatrician and physician consultant for Wellness Center

Medical Marijuana Industry Association: Andrew Jolley, Nevada Organic Remedies CEO

Nevada Retail Association: John DiBella, Nevada Pure/Shango owner and Nevada Retail Association member