Public education campaign on adult-use marijuana launches in July

The organizers of Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol or Question 2 have launched a public education campaign at to inform Nevadans and tourists about the new recreational marijuana law and regulations that went into effect on July 1.  “Know the Facts Nevada will work with industry leaders to ensure that these first few months of adult-use marijuana sales roll out smoothly,” said Joe Brezny, campaign spokesperson for Know the Facts Nevada. The campaign will run partner with local media to provide information about consuming marijuana safely and responsibly, while highlighting the dos and don’ts of the new law.

Recreational marijuana distribution licenses awarded

Crooked Wine, a federally licensed liquor distributor based in Reno, who partnered with Blackbird Logistics, the main distributor for Nevada medical marijuana establishments, received the state’s first marijuana distribution license. Crooked Wine will hold the license while Blackbird acts as its agent for retail marijuana distribution. A second distribution license was awarded to Las Vegas-based Rebel One.

NDA launches campaign to educate public about edibles

The Nevada Dispensary Association (NDA) has launched a new website,, to educate Nevadans and tourists on the state’s new recreational marijuana law. “We are heeding the advice of Colorado lawmakers and regulators to be proactive about public awareness and education on responsible consumption of marijuana,” said NDA Executive Director Riana Durrett. 

To aid in the education process, the NDA announced the launch of the “Good to Know” Nevada information campaign, which seeks to provide useful facts to tourists and Nevadans on subjects ranging from edible safety to youth prevention. Retailers will also find a copy of the written notification (updated as of July 1, 2017) that must be distributed to customers who purchase product.