Feb 01 2018 . 2 min read

#00710 Bong, James, Mission: Specterps

#00710 Bong, James, Mission: Specterps

Agent: #00710 Bong, James

Mission: Specterps

Status: 00710 APPROVED

From my early missions as a 00-Dabber, I encountered unique terpene profiles that I couldn’t explain. I dubbed these mystery terps “specterps” and have been secretly chasing them for years. They left me blitzed and confused, as they appeared out of nowhere with no consistency amongst strains, cultivators, flowers or concentrates. 

For Christmas, High-Q gifted me with the Pax3 Vaporizer, a state-of-the-art portable vape for flower and concentrates. I gave him something almost as good...knitted socks and some roach clips. 

It took me about seven seconds to connect the Pax3 to my phone and I loaded it effortlessly with Virtue's XXX Rosin. The unique heating system let me control the temperature down to the degree and instantly I was catapulted into another terpene dimension.

As I ripped through the XXX, I noted specterps that I had never encountered before. Then, I loaded Encore Cannabis' Papaya flower directly into the chamber and the same thing happened -- I detected several new flavors alongside familiar flavors. Finally, the Pax3 would help me solve the specterps mystery once and for all. 

The details of my findings are ‘highly’ classified but these specterps may be part of something bigger than I ever imagined. But I can tell you after using the Pax3 if you invest in just one cannabis accessory this year, the Pax3 is the one. Especially if you are on a mission to know more about terpenes.

To be continued….

Confirmed Mission Kills: Specterps

Pax 3 – Greenlane Dispensary Services

Jenny’s Dispensary:

XXX – rosin by Virtue 

Bubba Skywalker OG – rosin by Virtue

Zen Leaf:

Papaya – flower by Encore Cannabis 

Banana OG – flower by Verano

Tangilope – flower by Matrix