If there ever was a celebratory month elevate could get behind, it is certainly one that extolls the bliss- and miracle-inducing merits of cannabidiol. Never having much of a reason to celebrate in January, after overdoing it in December, we can see why CBD swoops in to steal all 31 days. We need an entire month to recover, repair and rejuvenate from our prior months of bad behavior. To follow are some products to consider as you toast CBD this month, a cannabinoid so popular and diverse that at the start of 2020 it was projected to reach $8.1 billion in sales in the U.S. hemp-derived CBD market, nearly double its 2019 sales of $4.2 billion.

Indulging in a fragrant lotion candle is one of the most luxurious and relaxing avenues to get a heady dose of lavender, a terpene well known for its calming properties. Promising relaxation, the wafting scent of lavender emanating from a Lowcntry candle creates an anxiety free atmosphere. The other healing aspect of a Lowcntry candle is an infusion of 200mg hemp CBD oil. Once the candle has burned down a bit, its possibilities are endless. You can massage the concentrated oil into sore areas to soothe muscles, joints, and irritation. Consider moisturizing your dry winter skin with the hemp oil or even pamper that special someone with a richly oiled massage. lowcntrycandlesnmore.com

Available at Silver Sage Wellness, sswlv.com

Quarantine living offers you more than enough opportunities each day to reach for CBD to bring the calm and allay the anxiety. My pandemic go-to has been Vital Body’s Restore CBD+Tumeric tincture. At 1,200mg CBD I know I’m not only getting a hearty dose of the cannabinoid I am seeking to fix frayed nerves, but it also contains turmeric which has been touted as a superfood with an ability to ease joint pain, stiffness, inflammation and headaches. Turmeric is a cousin to ginger so it has that sweet peppery spiciness that makes a spoonful of medicine go down that much easier. vitalbodytherapeutics.com

The morning after a Friday night social distancing sesh with two friends that included a drop-in guest of too much wine, I was dehydrated and feeling a bit out of sorts. It seemed an opportune time to infuse my body, most notably my head, with some CBD. So, I popped the top on WYLD’s CBD-infused Sparkling Water with 25mg CBD. Its hint of lemon flavor is just enough, and sparkling bubbles were a refreshing and rehydrating chaser to my early morning run. Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties my headache dispersed, and I felt uplifted and serene for the rest of the day. euphoriawellness.com

As I became increasingly besotted with CBD over the last several years, I found myriad ways to employ it in pursuit of health and wellness. Early in my discovery I had been given a CBD oil for pain that came in a roll-on application. I quickly ferreted out its helpful healing properties for eliminating a hangover when administered across the forehead. I wasn’t the only one who figured that out. Volum has worked past the obvious pain points and developed a product specifically for headaches with its 200mg CBD Target Roller. In addition to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, Volum has added other pain-relieving herbs of peppermint, lavender, and copaiba, an essential oil used for inflammation. Its menthol freshness is definitely the overriding stimulant affecting olfactory senses which can help relax muscles and ease pain. shopvolum.com

We’ve seen plenty of CBD-based lip balms; but a lipstick? Yes, someone finally thought it a good idea to bring lipstick to the CBD party. And it’s just like you think it would be—as creamy as fresh butter. Because Smith & Cult’s Locked & Lit CBD Lipstick makes your lips look and feel like they are coated in rich velvet you won’t be able to stop rubbing them together to feel how soft they are. Smith & Cult really gets it: knowing we like our lips to look party-perfect while covertly getting a healthy dose of CBD hydration. smithandcult.com

Oh honey, this is the just-right ingredient for making one of today’s most popular desserts, Honey (Shibuya) Toast, drizzling it on anything in the bread family or just sneaking a spoonful to satiate a craving. From a wellness perspective, Herba Honey is not only infused with 85mg high-grade full spectrum CBD (hemp) extract but also another medicinal plant. The worker bees at Herba Honey place their beehives next to yerba santa, a plant also known as holy herb or consumptive’s weed, in the middle of spring when it is in full bloom. Growing throughout Southern California, the leaves of yerba santa were used by Native Americans to aid respiratory conditions including cough, tuberculosis, asthma, and chronic bronchitis. holyherb.com

I like it when a product employs a directive in its name. And indeed you should take Aethera Beauty’s advice and use its Everyday Botanical Brightening Concentrate with 500mg CBD on the daily especially as winter blows in to dry out your skin. I used Aethera’s CBD concentrate on half my face so I could see if there was a difference. And there was. The side of my face that got the Aethera treatment not only stayed hydrated, but also had a dewy glow. Meanwhile the skin that went sans Aethera was dry and flaky even though I did apply a different moisturizer. I am also plagued with a prominent sunspot resulting from too much sun worshipping in my reckless and misspent youth. That’s also been diminished. Aethera’s oil-based beauty cream lives up to its promise of a smooth and even complexion—even where pesky age spots are concerned. aetherabeauty.com

Over the last year a lot of people have been frustrated by sleep issues resulting from the popular pandemic activities of doom scrolling and binging Netflix. Enter HLNG CBD Sleep Gels which could save you from a night of tossing and turning. Each gel capsule contains 25mg hemp CBD oil and melatonin, both well known for their natural sedation properties. I took one capsule about an hour before bedtime and slept the entire night through, clocking nine hours, and woke up without feeling groggy. Sometimes when I take traditional sleep aids, I wake up tired and not so spry but that was not the case with HLNG. Sweet dreams indeed. hlngwellness.com is sold at Silver Sage Wellness, sswlv.com