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Mar 23 2020 . 11 min read

Cannabis Does A Body Good

Cannabis Does A Body Good

Cannabinoids play essential role in keeping endocannabinoid system in balance

Cannabinoids play essential role in keeping endocannabinoid system in balance

Cannabis holds one of the keys to keeping the body functioning properly. There are many cannabinoids that make up the cannabis plant and play an integral role in keeping the body’s endocannabinoid system [ECS], or the body’s self-regulation system, in homeostasis.

“By introducing cannabidiol [CBD] and other cannabinoids into our body to stimulate receptors, we get reacquainted with our natural state of balance. Cannabinoids are part of a greater whole that helps your body heal itself,” explains Serjio Gutierrez, founder of Vida Flor Hemp. “Think of cannabinoids as activation switches that amplify your own healing responses within. These cannabinoids [CBD, THC, CBG, CBN and more] work synergistically with each other and your body—working in unison to promote a higher state of healing.”

All of this is key to a properly functioning ECS. “It’s important to remember that our bodies don’t stop functioning when we go to sleep, our bodies go into a state of repair when at rest. The endocannabinoid system [ECS] is a network of receptors that are vital to our healing process. CBD and other cannabinoids interact with our bodies in a variety of ways,” says Gutierrez.

One way is assisting in keeping your ECS in check. “The ECS focuses on two areas: the firing of brain cells in the nervous system, and the inflammatory response of the immune system,” says Manny Meza, Planet 13’s marketing coordinator. “The body is very particular in how it wants its cells and systems performing at a certain regulation to make sure everything runs smoothly. Without proper regulation, someone might have chronic inflammation and a very poor immune system that leads to an array of harmful consequences.”

With that in mind, in this month’s review we have compiled a variety of products from Nevada’s cannabis marketplace that have been developed to do a body good.

Canna Fused Relief Elixir

For holistic relief, one product to reach for is Canna Fused’s Relief tincture, a 1:1 CBD to THC blend that is taken orally via a dropper. “When you have THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids working together you create what is called the entourage effect. This can yield a better result in terms of wellness,” says Hailey Stone of The Apothecarium.

Created with health and wellness in mind, Canna Fused’s Relief tincture is just one of many different blends of terpenes and cannabinoids that produce a specific experience—other varieties are Calm, Sleep, Euphoria and Focus. And because of the 1:1 ratio, these products are typically known for anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects. “This ratio can be a good starting point


for many due to the multitude of conditions it may help with minimal impairment,” says Stone.

Backed with ingredients that promote wellness, Stone points out that THC can help with nausea and relaxation and CBD is helpful with inflammation. “This tincture also has cannabigerol [CBG], which is a less common cannabinoid. In some research it has been said to be good for reducing intraocular pressure which could be effective for a glaucoma patient,” Stone says.

This demonstrates how important the endocannabinoid system is to overall health. “The ECS is the reason some of us experience euphoria and others find relief but the main goal of the ECS is to bring our bodies back to homeostasis when we’re out of whack,” Stone says.


Kabunky’s Tiny Tin

A big sativa in a tiny package—Kabunky’s Tiny Tins are designed with moderation in mind. The brand’s most popular strains are prepared in ½-gram pre-rolls with five pre-rolls per tin. This is an easy and effective way to promote wellness wherever you go. “The beauty of offering multiple strain types is that people can tailor their canna-wellness habits to their preferred cannabinoids and terpenes,” says Nevada MMJ’s Josh Ranck. “This product was developed with daily wellness habits in mind. By reducing the average size of the one-gram pre-roll, users can dose as needed. Not only do they not have to worry about rolling their own, they don’t have to extinguish and re-light a full one-gram pre-roll when managing their dose.

“While CBD has gotten most of the attention lately, other cannabinoids, terpenes, and even the essential oils and lipids found in the plant all have the potential of increasing the effectiveness of our endocannabinoid system. We’re very excited to see the plant science unfold in the coming years,” Ranck says. For instance, caryophyllene, effective for combating pain and inflammation, is a dominant terpene common in Kabunky’s Orange Zkittlez and Fire OG strains.

Ranck recommends testing a variety of different strains to see what is best for your overall wellness and well-being. “It’s up to the individual to find the cannabis compounds that give them the relief they’re searching for. If you already know the compounds that work best for you, great—if not, explore different options. Try strains with different terpene and cannabinoid profiles until you come across the ones that give you the results you’re looking for,” he says.


Vert Unlimited’s Trinity Dark Chocolate

There is nothing quite as soothing as cannabis in edible form and Vert’s Trinity Dark Chocolate indica diamonds are the perfect treat to deliver a full body wellness journey. Longer lasting than traditional cannabis candy and with a low amount of sugar at only 1 gram

per 10 mg dosage these are very effective sleep aides and pain relievers. 

“Although low in sugar, the taste of our Belgian-made dark chocolate is still rich and creamy making them the perfect post-dinner treat before bedtime,” says NV Sales Manager Margaux Hansberry. “Not only does cannabis help with general mood enhancement, but a recent study by the University College London has found dark chocolate contains psychoactive ingredients that contributes to euphoria. The study suggested the neuro-modulator phenylethylamine found in dark chocolate helps contribute to decreased symptoms of depression.”     

Trinity Dark Chocolates are infused with Fire OG, a powerfully euphoric indica perfect for stress relief and unwinding after a long day. They are individually wrapped so melted chocolate is no longer a messy issue that decreases consistent dosing. 


Huxton’s Zen pre-rolls, Flower One

All-flower blends of cannabinoid and terpene entourages, Huxton’s Zen pre-rolls were developed with effect goals that include help with loss of appetite, difficulty falling asleep, and anxiety. “The genetics in each of our products are hand-selected for their effects, which are the result of great cannabinoid profiles,” says Christine Vanover, brand manager for Flower One Holdings Inc. “We believe in the full profile of cannabinoids, and not prioritizing any single cannabinoid as the main driver of value. If new genetics become available to us, we have no problem iterating and upgrading to assure our products are achieving what they’re designed to.”

Huxton’s main goal as a company is to help patients achieve personal wellness and they speak to that with both their product development and consistency. “Huxton goes a step further by sharing our belief that the best form of wellness is found in our good times. We design our products to the experience they bring so it’s easy to understand how your good times can be brought about or complemented with an effect that’s meant to pair,” Vanover says. “Our products ‘work’ when people find a new grasp on what motivates their interests and happiness about the world. In a word, our products help with control, and we’re proud of that.”


Planet M’s CBD:CBN 3:1 Nighttime Tincture

The time we sleep is the most important eight hours in our day. It is the biggest factor in any wellness plan because fatigue and cloudy thoughts make easy tasks into difficult ones. “For plenty of people, sleeping is not as easy as closing your eyes. It takes hours of tossing and turning to finally fall asleep and for many they do not stay asleep,” explains Manny Meza, Planet 13’s marketing coordinator.

Providing both the rich benefits of CBD and CBN, as well as affording users a restful night of sleep, the 3:1 CBD/CBN Nighttime Tincture, with 300 mg of CBD and 100 mg of CBN, is a miracle worker designed specifically to induce a good night’s sleep consistently. Containing 0 percent THC and using lavender essential oils to give proper ZZZs—one serving contains 10mg of CBD and 3 mg of CBN. “This Nighttime tincture can make all the difference in someone’s sleep schedule to finally be able to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a day with energy,” Meza says. “This product will aid in relaxing the body of pain and aches while also minimizing the anxiety and/or stress that will lead the user to sleep through the whole night restfully.”

The cannabinoids included in this tincture create an entourage effect that binds with the cannabinoid receptors to act as a neuroprotectant. “This is how CBD and CBN can interact with the brain to help regulate mood, memory, pain sensation, appetite, and overall wellness,” Meza says. The high content of CBD and CBN will aid with many different ailments such as arthritis, epilepsy, pain relief, anxiety disorders, cancer-related symptoms, fibromyalgia and many more. Symptom relief includes anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea and anti-anxiety properties.

“CBN has been found to be a powerful sedative, an antibiotic, and a pain reliever. Combining both of these cannabinoids is what makes it effective with sedating the body and providing all the medical properties to achieve better sleep and overall wellness,” Meza says. “It is also effective with pain relief that will in turn make it useful for sleep. With better sleep, the body will have a better immune system and the brain’s cognition will be more productive to make concentration easier.”



Created to offer pain relief for skin, joint, and muscle issues, KYND balm has a potent blend of 17 individual ingredients, including arnica oil for inflammation, shea butter for moisturizing, and argan oil for its essential nutrients and skin-boosting benefits. “Every ingredient was chosen specifically for its medicinal and therapeutic properties and expertly blended with premium cannabis oil to create an effective balm,” says KYND’s David Robison.

Proven to combat inflammation, there is no shortage of anecdotal evidence relating to its relief properties. You can use on your temples and back of the neck to address headaches, or on the abdomen for menstrual pain. Try it on aching knuckles and knees or dry, irritated skin too.

In addition to a high level of limonene, KYND’s Balm contains a 2:1 mix of CBD:THC. “By providing CBD and THC in ratio, both the CB1 and CB2 receptors are being activated to provide relief from inflammation at point of contact,” Robison says.


Floravega 13Gorillas flower

When it is time to seek an additional level of wellness outside of the self-care sanctuary that is your home, try Floravega’s 13Gorillas and go for a hike. This strain will energize and enhance physical activity, providing a comfortable and functional high that is great for outdoor activities.

“We designed this product for recreational use and soon after, our customers reported their love for using this strain before and during physical activity,” says Floravega’s Sam McAdam. “It is known to enhance workouts and has been reported to create a better mind to muscle connection.”

13Gorillas provides the energy of a sativa without inducing anxiety or paranoia. It’s a great daytime medication for symptom relief without sedation and appetite stimulation which comes in handy when it’s time to refuel. “THC is the primary cannabinoid in this flower. Accompanied by terpenes of pinene and caryophyllene, 13Gorillas is able to provide mental focus and anti-inflammatory physical properties,” McAdam says.


Vida Flor, Boomer Natural Wellness

Vida Flor was designed with wellness in mind, especially when you are looking for more natural relief compared to prescription medications. “We recently introduced a Vida Flor Blends line so now you can smoke a blend of hemp CBD with lavender for more of a relaxing effect and a blend of hemp CBD with St. John’s Wort for more of a focused effect,” says Serjio Gutierrez, founder of Vida Flor Hemp.

The goal was to create products that are safe, legal and lifechanging. “We decided to focus our efforts into a product that you can smoke and receive a more direct effect of CBD and other cannabinoids. Our Hemp CBD blunts are made with top quality flower. There are no seeds, no stems and we avoid any biomass or shake at all costs,” says Gutierrez, who adds Vida Flor blunts are wrapped in natural hemp with a hemp wick which provides a cleaner smoke without the worry of inhaling butane from a lighter or sulfur from matches.

Hemp CBD Blunts put the mind and body in a relaxed and aligned state, allowing the body to repair itself in a heightened state of calm. “Hemp acts as a bronchodilator opening the airway passages and aids in respiratory health. Smoking Hemp is one of the fastest delivery systems to get CBD and other cannabinoids into your circulatory system,” says Gutierrez, adding that stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, allergies, pain, inflammation, brain fog, sleep disorders, nicotine withdrawal, OCD, tension and migraines all melt away. “Our Hemp CBD Blunts make a great alternative to smoking nicotine cigarettes as well. Smoking hemp is not addictive or habit-forming and may help kick that need for nicotine.”