Since publishing our first Elevating the Conversation in November 2015, we sought out movers and shakers who were making the biggest impact in the cannabis space, both in Nevada and the U.S. I interviewed 47 thought leaders in this Q&A-style feature that was found on the last page of most issues. I had the great fortune to pick the brains of physicians, researchers, CEOs, legislators, bankers, authors, non-profit founders, entrepreneurs, and even a cannabis epidemiologist. It was a great education, and an even better conversation. I always ended every interview with a question that never once received the same answer. The question? What has been your most surprising discovery about cannabis?

Matt Griffin, attorney and lobbyist, G3 Griffin Company

Patricia Farley, Nevada State Senator, District 8

Leslie Bocskor, founder of Electrum Partners

John Sullivan, banker, Integrated Compliance Solutions

DJ Short, legendary cannabis breeder

John Hudak, deputy director, Center for Effective Public Management, Brookings Institution

Dr. Michele Ross, founder of Impact Network

Dr. Dustin Sulak, founder and medical director of

Liz McDuffie, Director of Medical Caregivers Institute

Adam Cohen, CEO, Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary

Dale Sky Jones, President/CEO, Oaksterdam University

Earl Blumenauer, US Congressman, 3rd District of Oregon

Andrew Jolley, founder of The Source+ and president of Nevada Dispensary Association

Dr. Bonni Goldstein, owner/medical director, Canna-Centers Wellness and Education

Dr. Chao-Hsiung Tung, co-founder, G3 Labs

Greta Carter, founder/president of Cannabis Training Institute and The Hope Clinics

Richard “Tick” Segerblom, former NV State Senator, Clark County Commissioner

Lezli Engelking, founder/CEO of Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (Focus)

Lori Ajax, Executive Director, California Bureau of Cannabis Control

Roger Martin, founder of HeroGrown Foundation (Grow for Vets)

Robert Cook, professor and cannabis researcher, University of Florida

Michael Backes, author of “Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana” Antuanette Gomez, founder/CEO of Pleasure Peaks

Oren Cohen, flavorist and founder of Terpene Experts

Dr. Carmen Jones, member of Clark County’s Green Ribbon Panel

Maureen McNamara, founder of Cannabis Trainers

Aaron Ford, Nevada Attorney General

Pelin Thorogood, president, Wholistic Research & Education Forum

Jay Matos, president, Jay Matos Consulting

JJ Walker, founder/CEO of Cannabition

Bill Anderson, Executive Director, Nevada Department of Taxation

Ryan Vandrey, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins Medicine

Dr. John S. Adams, The Dosing Project

Neil Levine, SVP of LivWell Enlightened Health and New Federalist Fund Chairman

Julie Monteiro, RN BSK, founder of Cannabis Nurses magazine

David Bronner, Cosmic Engagement Officer (CEO), Dr. Bronner’s

Gunner Winston, CEO, dosist

David Elias, co-founder, Lowell Herb Co.

Dr. Lloyd Del Mundo, pulmonologist and ICU Director at North Vista Hospital

Khadijah Tribble, VP of Social Responsibility, Curaleaf

Ruth D. Fisher, Ph.D., author of “Medical Cannabis Primer”

Tisha Black, attorney and president of Nevada Dispensary Association

Riana Durrett, attorney and Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board member

Kim Sloan, Cannabis Epidemiologist, State of Nevada

Dr. Swathi Varasnasi, Integrative Health Pharmacist

Shanel Lindsay, attorney and founder of Equitable Opportunities Now (EON)

Steven Yeager, Nevada State Assemblyman, District 9