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Elevating the Conversation with Antuanette Gomez, founder of Pleasure Peaks

Elevating the Conversation with Antuanette Gomez, founder of Pleasure Peaks

Antuanette Gomez, founder of Pleasure Peaks, is self-taught in the matters of sexual well-being and cannabis. She launched her Toronto-based company in April 2016 and describes it as “an all-encompassing brand of sex, cannabis and spirituality.” With recreational cannabis becoming legal in Canada on July 1, Gomez is positioning her company for growth since consumers will be able to buy Pleasure Peaks’ products in government-owned stores. She plans to expand the company’s line of female sexual health products as well as develop products on an international level for women with endometriosis.

How long have you been using cannabis?

I have been using since high school. I definitely didn’t know that it had medical properties when I was in high school. I was definitely using it recreationally. I didn’t really enjoy cannabis. I was never really a big cannabis enthusiast. I would just smoke with friends and eat a whole pizza and literally just pass out probably because I was exhausted from school. It never worked for me. I know now that there is so much power in knowing your strains and how they are going to affect you because not all cannabis is treated equally.

It was a couple of years before I went back and tried cannabis again. I think I tried it at 16 years old. It wasn’t until I was 18 years old that I was walking down Church Street and noticed there was a medical marijuana lounge. And I wondered what is medical marijuana? And there’s a lounge? There was also Gourmet Grilled Cheese café. I went in and they told me it was for people to smoke cannabis, it’s for medical patients. So, I found out there was a medical marijuana program under Health Canada that the public had no idea about. It’s been around for over 17 years. It was mindboggling to me.

Why do you use cannabis?

I wanted to get into holistic therapies and study holistic nutrition. I started learning about cannabis as a holistic alternative and then I just started matching the two; especially people that suffer from Crohn’s and IBS because I have suffered from IBS from a very young age. So, I started incorporating cannabis in my cooking because it’s incredible how easily it helps your digestive tract when it’s used as an edible. For IBS and Crohn’s, I strongly suggest coconut-infused cannabis oil. It’s an anti-inflammatory and it’s anti-bacterial, it relaxes everything. I started journaling what strains I was using, keeping track of them. It’s important to keep track of the genetics because the strain names will tell the genetic profile in the cannabis plant which will give you a general idea of the terpene profiles and also tell you more of the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. For my IBS, it’s definitely a hybrid or an indica that works best.

I love my OGs for ADHD or to help me have a clear mental state. I always say the Green Crack Shatter specifically is the closest thing I have ever had to Adderall. I started trying shatters and dabs and I noticed it gives you a clearer state then smoking a bong -- it’s a different type of high, it’s a more mindful high similar to one you would feel using a vaporizer but it’s just on a stronger dosage. I weaned myself off Adderall and it took months and it was the worst withdrawal I ever had. I feel like it makes your brain lazy. That’s why I tell people to look into alternative therapies if you have ADHD or ADD. I strongly suggest OG strains for that. Everybody’s endocannabinoid system is as unique as a fingerprint. White genetics don’t work well for me, like White Castle, White Widow, they give me this head buzz that turns me off. Look into cannabis and start journaling. You get to learn more about yourself, and get to create a more personalized healthcare plan for you.

How did you discover that cannabis could affect a women’s sensuality and, in turn, her sex life?

When I took holistic nutrition and holistic therapy, I learned that most lubricants on the shelf of any drugstore have high amounts of toxic chemicals. Honestly, I wouldn’t put most of the lubes that are on the market inside of me knowing what I know now. A lot of them create tons of yeast infections. They can be very acidic to the PH balance in the vagina, which is why I come back to coconut oil. It’s an antibacterial so it prevents yeast infections for women, and prevents bacteria from getting in there so you won’t get an infection but the thing about the cannabis coconut oil is it is not compatible with sex toys and condoms, especially latex because it will break latex immediately. At Pleasure Peaks we have a water-based lubricant and oil-based lubricant. We also include yoni eggs and yoni steaming herbs. It’s an all-encompassing brand of sex, cannabis and spirituality.

Why did you start making cannabis-based lubricants?

I had a lot of people inquire about lubricants. I was incredibly alarmed with the feedback I was getting from women who had endometriosis, cervical cancers or cysts, and sexual health problems. One in ten women in North America has endometriosis. That is a number that is incredibly close to cancer and a statistic that is way too high and we aren’t really dealing with it. A lot of women aren’t comfortable opening up about the pain they are having with their sexual health. It’s hard for them to get over that stigma and seek help and learn more about themselves, which is why I am really happy we are having a huge global feminine shift.

With recreational cannabis becoming legal in Canada on July 1st, how is Pleasure Peaks preparing?

As of the end of 2017, the company is now being sold to a licensed producer who will be building the Pleasure Peaks line to a larger scale with more female sexual health products. So as of July 1st, people will be able to buy Pleasure Peaks’ products in government-owned stores. We will be building a female sexual health line and hoping to expand into more products for women with endometriosis on an international level.

Where did you learn about cannabis’ effects on someone’s sexuality?

I am not formally educated. In this industry you have to do your own research. I put so much of what I have learned to journaling because I learn so much from myself and others. I also do tons of research. I have taken continuing medical education for cannabis programs, just to learn more about the cannabis space. I have been involved in the industry for five years, I have been to every conference and I like to listen to the doctors and be involved especially when it comes to sexual health.

If a couple wanted to up their sex game, what would you recommend?

I think every couple should be elevating their sex life with cannabis every so often. It’s always good to add something new and exciting to the bedroom. Cannabis is great because you can use it in so many different forms and applications. You can use it as a topical and have a really sensual massage, you can even have a tantric massage using those Zen erotic lines. We all use it for different reasons. We have women and men who use it to deal with past sexual trauma. CBD (cannabidiol) is known for dealing with PTSD and is great for people with sexual trauma to help alleviate those anxieties and really be present in the bedroom with their partner.

How should a couple determine what’s best for them?

I always suggest CBD. Having a few drops of CBD under the tongue for people who are older gives them a little bit more energy. Most people are CBD deficient in their endocannabinoid system which takes care of your homeostasis and keeps your body’s functions at their most optimal. I always say, pick the type of strain that you are looking for to obtain the desired outcome of the sexual experience you are looking for. For instance, say you just came from work and want to have a high energy, sweaty time then you would need a strain that would do that. So, you wouldn’t go for a Kush because it’s an indica and it would literally put you in the couch, whereas if you use a Sour Diesel for those super sexy fun times I would strongly suggest that. But if you want something more romantic for watching a movie and to just cuddle in bed, I would suggest a hybrid. If you want something that keeps you in the body but also awake and mindful, you would go with a hybrid. I would suggest steering toward indicas for a more in-the-body experience and I would suggest sativas if you are a little bit more on the tired side and you need a little bit more energy or creativity.

How do you help women unlock their erotic energy?

I would encourage some tantric investigation, which is basically an overall assessment of yourself, your life, and your sexual life. Your sexual life starts at a very young age, our first loves are our parents. There’s a huge connection between our parents and our sex life. It’s important to be aware of those things if you really want to take charge of your sexuality, which I encourage every woman to do. We learn so much from ourselves when we really reflect on the things that we have gone through. We are too busy to really digest some things that have happened to us. A lot of us make childish decisions based on our upbringing and that needs to change.

What specific part in your cannabis-infused lubricants affects a woman’s pleasure points?

THC is known for increasing intimacy because it’s an amazing stimulant for your pleasure points, especially your clitoris. It’s a very interesting feeling. I remember the first time I did some trial testing I learned you can get your vagina high. You’re not high but your vagina can get really high. You just have to lie down because you are so relaxed in that region that you don’t want to do anything, which is really cool if you are trying to do sexual healing or sexual reflection with a yoni egg.

What is a yoni egg?

Yoni eggs are crystal eggs well-known in traditional Chinese medicine to provide everlasting youthfulness. Jade eggs are what they use in China and jade is supposed to specifically interact with the kidneys which is where erotic energy comes from. Jade eggs can bring back erotic energy for women who are post-menopausal. Women who don’t have their periods anymore will start feeling more lively with a jade egg. It’s almost magic. I didn’t believe it until I tried it. Jade eggs come in three different sizes, small, medium and large, and everyone starts with a larger egg because usually you don’t have strong enough muscles to move the small egg. But if you are older than 45 we would start you with a medium egg because we don’t want you to weaken your vaginal muscles. Your yoni egg is going to be tense at certain times and relaxed at certain times and you are supposed to be reflecting why these yoni eggs are doing certain things to you. You can do Kegels why wearing them and it strengthens the pelvic floor. You have a better sex life if you have a stronger pelvic floor. You will learn how to hold it and move it around inside you. It’s crazy how many muscles we have in our vagina that we are not connected with. Cannabis makes us connected with those muscles if we are mindful about it. Yoni eggs have different purposes. I have rose quartz which is great for selflove, my jade egg is for when I am dormant and not feeling sexual; and I have a quartz crystal that promotes clarity and I use that when I am having issues in my relationship because we, as women, hold a lot of our relationship issues within our hips and our womb area. I use the quartz yoni egg when I want to reflect on my relationship to be honest and open and figure out what is going on. I use them about once every three months, but I have customers who use them every day. You are forming a relationship with your womb space which is the goal.

With it being Valentine’s Day this month, what advice do you have for women who have never used an erotic cannabis oil?

One rule with ANY cannabis product: start small, go slow. Our endocannabinoid is just as unique as a fingerprint so no one thing will work for everyone. Try one of our lubes but if you are getting an oil-based one, make sure to get a condom that’s nonlatex because they won’t be compatible.

What should someone expect when they use a lubricant?

Oils are applied directly on the clitoris and after about a minute or two, and because the vagina has an incredible mucosa, it takes a really small dosage to get a full effect. It goes directly into our bloodstream. It processes our cannabinoids completely different. You feel it faster, it’s a very tingly sensation and you feel a lot of excitement. I love that THC offers that.

Do you have a favorite ritual you like to follow to get yourself in the mood?

It’s really what I am in the mood for. I like edibles to get me in the mood, they make me feel really sexy. I like low-dose chocolates like 10mg because they make me feel a little bit more fun and playful. Chocolate and cannabis are both natural aphrodisiacs.

In general, what’s been the most surprising discovery you have made about cannabis?

I think it’s probably that you can get your vagina high. I discovered that through trial testing.

What about women who have more experience with cannabis, any advice for their love life?

They have got to come to one of my tantric cannabis couple retreats. We do them twice a year. We have them in Bali, Jamaica, and Muskego. We wanted to create the ultimate pleasure dome. We wanted to create a getaway for couples to really indulge in their sexuality and their pleasures and whatever that means to them and explore it together. We have cannabis tours, interactive workshops, tantric massage courses, indoor saunas, hot tubs and pools. The spa really makes them feel comfortable and really opens them up to different experiences which is great. That was really important to me because I believe that spas activate our pleasures especially when we are in a sexual setting. We have three-hour tantric workshops every single day. It’s optional, but we respect boundaries. Boundaries is a huge thing we work on. 

A recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine’s November issue found cannabis users have more sex than their non-consuming peers. Your thoughts?

I think couples who enjoy cannabis together are a little bit more honest and open. Cannabis has been used in tantra for thousands of years because it’s known for getting rid of the ego, it’s known for showing your true soul to other people, it’s known for bringing out your most intimate self. I feel like cannabis brings out your conscious side. And when we do that with our loved ones, our intimacy is way higher and way more appreciated and more loved.