For Your Neighbors

Do you have family or friends who are a big fan of smoking flower, but their living situation has put the quash on the aroma of beautiful buds? For example, do they live in an apartment with neighbors that have the nose of a bloodhound who keep complaining to management? The SmokeBuddy air filter removes the offending odor upon exhale to allow the user to smoke anywhere they want and eliminates second-hand smoke for a product that’s good for an estimated 300 uses or more. Plus, SmokeBuddy is giving back with a custom Las Vegas design and $10 from every $19.95 sale will go to the Las Vegas Victim’s Fund to support those affected by the October 1 mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. SmokeBuddy also comes with a keychain and LED light and travel cap.

Rosé All Day

For the discerning cannabis connoisseur everything is coming up roses. Bloom Farms’ vape pen is styled entirely in a rose gold finish, from its signature metal mouthpiece to its newly designed battery, this high-gloss fashion accessory emphasizes both form and function. The vape pen’s sleek batteries are outfitted with new leaf-shaped LEDs and an updated stylus. The rose gold vapor pen comes pre-loaded with 500 milligrams of 100% pure cannabis oil, free of petroleum-based solvents and blended with all-natural cannabis-derived terpenes available in Bloom Farms’ Anytime (hybrid) blend — the perfect combination to inspire relaxation, creativity and focus.

Put that in your Pipe…

Tired of searching for a spare paper clip, bobby pin or other pointy object to clean out a pipe? Gift the cannabis lover in your life with one of our favorite accessories, the Debowler spikey ashtray. This handy device combines a standard ashtray with a built-in poker in the center for easily cleaning out a pipe’s bowl while also collecting the ashes. Options range from an inexpensive plastic Debowler at ($4.95) to the sturdier glass option ($19.96), a groovy UV glass variation ($24.95) and the ultimate eye-catching Royal Glass Debowler with beautiful designs of pressure dots or spirals in a variety of colors for $59.95 made upstate in Reno. Every pipe smoker needs at least one of these in their lives.

Keeping it Covert

The great festival or concert conundrum: What’s the best way to bring a few joints with you to enhance the experience without hiding them near your nether region? The iHit phone case has solved that quandary with a stash spot that fits discreetly on the back of an iPhone and looks like an extended battery pack, but actually holds five pre-rolls in a tight-locking, odor-shielding tray. The stash spot can also double as a rolling tray, plus you can use the iHit for storing other things like money and more. Unfortunately, it’s only available for iPhone models 6, 6/7+ and 7 right now ($19.99-$29.99), but we’re hoping more phone models and varieties are on the way.

Because She’s Artsy

For the crafty cannabis consumer in your life, why not get creative with painting something special for that special someone, or let them channel their inner artist? With Paint Your Own Bong ($40), a standard-shaped bong comes with acrylic paints with which to go wild. Once the design is finished, it can be baked in a kiln at a local pottery studio (the company can speak to the studio for you to explain what is needed), or ship it back to Paint Your Own Bong. They’ll be happy to fire it for you and then send it back to ensure your design stays beautiful for years to come—or at least until the cat knocks it off the table. Also available are a variety of cute animal figurine roach banks you can also paint yourself for $25.