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Nevada Wellness Center

Nevada Wellness Center

Top Selling:


Face on Fire by Nature’s Kindest


DoSiLarry Live ROSIN by Nature’s Kindest  


Pucks by CannaPunch

Guiding Mission

The philosophy of Nevada Wellness Center is to deliver the highest quality of marijuana product to its patients thus enhancing their quality of life. 


2:1 Lotion by Remedy 

Medicine Source

Nevada Wellness Center is a dispensary only – so the NWC team is enormously proud of the great relationships they have built with their vendors. 

Range of Products

Nevada Wellness Center plans to carry all available marijuana products including transdermal patches, bath salts, menstrual tablets, and menstrual oil because the dispensary’s top priority is specializing in patient care.

Customer Service Philosophy

Nevada Wellness Center offers the highest quality service to its patients and vendors believing that when people are comfortable and enjoy their environment great things happen.   

Staff Education

Nevada Wellness Center is one of the few dispensaries that gives their consultants a test before they are able to consult with patients. The test includes state and city codes and marijuana questions as it relates to patient care. If the consultant is unable to pass the test, they are unable to consult. 

Unique Attribute

As the first to open in the city of Las Vegas and as one of the largest dispensaries in the state, Nevada Wellness Center takes pride in having one of the largest CBD (cannabidiol) selections in Nevada.    

Charitable Endeavors

Nevada Wellness Center believes in giving back and so feeds the homeless and provides secret gifts during the holidays to single parents in the community.

Medical vs. Recreational

For Nevada Wellness Center, the addition of recreational marijuana on July 1st hasn’t changed the dispensary’s prices, service, or wide variety of cannabis products.