Jul 18 2016 . 4 min read



Billy Calabrese will be the first to tell you he’s on a mission from God. “This is something that’s been kept under wraps for too long and we need to help everybody,” the 70-year-old says of CBD oil. “For the rest of my life I am going to spread the word, this is truly my mission.”

Calabrese started seeking CBD oil about a year ago, nine months after a September 2014 diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma. Calabrese’s cancer diagnosis, which included two tumors measuring 5.7 centimeters and 5.3 centimeters, most likely resulted from a lengthy battle with Hepatitis C.

“I did a lot of holistic things – foods and exercise and I overpowered this disease for 20 years but it was taking its toll and I was getting worse. I did milk thistle and different cleanses, I did steroids and testosterone. I was a doctor without a license,” he says with a laugh, offering that he opted to “fix himself” with regard to his two-decade struggle with Hepatitis C rather than see a physician.

Calabrese’s penchant for avoiding doctors and fixing himself is what led him to CBD oil. He initially started taking a commercial form of CBD oil a year ago, but it wasn’t until he started taking a form of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) two-and-a-half months ago that he saw real results.

“The first day it hit me kind of hard. It kind of had a heavy effect on me, the next day was a little better, and each day was a little better. By the week’s end, I knew something was going on,” Calabrese explains of using cannabis oil.

Before taking CBD oil, Calabrese explains he “was totally bedridden. I didn’t want to take care of myself, I was like gone, my legs looked like sticks, my body was really depleted. My thinking also was very disrupted and you got to be on your game to be in real estate. It’s a dogfight, and you gotta be on your toes and I lost all those abilities, things just weren’t coming together. I couldn’t remember my computer codes. I wasn’t myself at all,” the former realtor notes.

After taking CBD oil “it was just a complete turnaround, I was getting stronger, my mind was remembering things. Now, I am up at 5 a.m., pumping iron, doing my pushups, doing my abs, working out again, taking my dog to the park, taking care of a lot of household things.”

Although Calabrese rejected his oncologist’s offer of chemotherapy and radiation following his 2014 diagnosis, he’s thinking of going back now. “I don’t believe I still have the tumors. I want to go back for the comparisons; that’s it,” he explains of checking to see if the tumors have disappeared. “I am very early in this. I want to show them more; I want my body to be better and my mind to be better before I go back.”

If Calabrese returns to his oncologist and finds the tumors haven’t gone away, he’s still happy with his results. “This is a total miracle and if I die tomorrow, I had two good months. I feel so good, you wouldn’t even believe it. I was facing death, and God put it here to heal me. That’s the whole thing in a nutshell. This oil saved my life,” Calabrese offers. “I was fighting death and it was laughing at me. I had a dream and I could see myself laying there and I could see a green light around me and Lord was telling me you’re healing. And I did.”