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Pisos Dispensary

Pisos Dispensary

Important Info

Top Selling:


Sour Pez (in-house strain), Acapulco Gold (hybrid), Grape Stomper (indica)


Jack Herer, Bhang CO2 cartridges


Lollipops, cookies, milk chocolate bar

What is their mission?

To educate patients and the community about cannabis and its variety of medicinal benefits.

Describe PISOS

The historically modernized original dispensary.

Range of products

Concentrates, flower, edibles, oils and tinctures.

Meaning behind the name

Pisos was originally a cough syrup established in 1864. It was the first brand to use cannabis as a key ingredient. The company was so successful they were sued by the government. Due to public outcry and testimonies, they beat the lawsuit. Because of this, Pisos wants to remind and reeducate its patients of a time before the prohibition of cannabis and to pay homage to its history in providing medicinal benefits.


Pisos wants to service everyone in the community with the intention to offer medicine for every health or medical condition cannabis can relieve.

Source of Medicine

Pisos grows its own cannabis and also uses outside vendors to support the local cannabis community.

What makes them unique?

From its immaculate dispensary and cultivation center and highly educated staff to its historical background and location in the community, Pisos offers many unique things in order to service both out-of-state and local patients.

Customer Service Philosophy

Patients always come first and will have access to the highest quality medicine available.

Patient Education

Pisos will offer patient education days as well as sponsor community events.

How educated are their staff?

The staff at Pisos communicates daily with its cultivators, local concentrate production team, local cannabis kitchen, and topical vendors. Pisos employees receive in-house training from team members with extensive cannabis experience from industries throughout the U.S.


The Pisos staff volunteers at food shelters, aids in community upkeep, and supports local small business owners and food growers. Pisos also intends to offer transparency to the established medical community in order to amplify its resources to help patients in need.