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Sept. ’19: Home Grow 101

Sept. ’19: Home Grow 101

Growing your own cannabis on a budget

Growing your own cannabis on a budget

By A.J.,vegasbestbud

This month we profile home grower Sean, 34, who has been cultivating cannabis for approximately four years. He began growing his own cannabis due to wrist and knee injuries from skateboarding accidents during his youth. “I started growing because I can’t afford the high prices they charge in the dispensaries for my medication,” explains Sean, who started his home grow for under $300, which included a grow tent and light, fan (items he bought used from craigslist) and nutrients and soil. Sean’s home cultivation illustrates how inexpensive it is to start a home grow. For the price of one ounce of average flower from a dispensary, you could start growing at home and never pay more than $60 an ounce. After an initial investment on equipment, an ounce of the best cannabis you ever smoke will cost you less than $50.

AJ: What is your favorite to grow and medicate with?

Sean: I love a good "couch lock" indica to medicate with because sativas give me anxiety. I love growing it also. Indica plants don't get too tall like sativas and I have limited ceiling in my tent.

AJ: How big is the space you grow in?

Sean: I veg my plants in a bedroom closet and flower them in a

 4’ x 4’ grow tent.

AJ: What medium do you grow in, and what size pots do you use?

Sean: I use a mix of soil, coco and worm castings. I use mostly five-gallon pots but if I have room in the tent, I will put in a three-gallon pot or two.

AJ: What do you use for grow lights?

Sean: For vegging, I use a T5 grow light (300 w) and a pair of small LED lights (40 w). For flowering, I’m using a 1000 w HPS (high pressure sodium). Since I grow the entire year, in the summertime I dim down my light by 40-50% due to the heat.

AJ: Heat in the summertime is probably the only problem with growing cannabis in Las Vegas. This is the main reason I shut down my garden during the summer months, it’s not too bad for vegging since during that phase plants can take mid- to high 80s. But for flowering, you really want to stay between 70-75° or as close as you possibly can.

Sean: I agree, it’s also harder to dry and cure weed during the hot Vegas summer. I can't seem to find the "sweet spot." As I am always researching and learning more about growing cannabis, I am still trying to "perfect" my drying and curing techniques.

AJ: After 10 years of drying and curing, I think I have perfected it. First, I dry at 50-55% humidity. In order to accomplish this, you will need a $40 humidifier here in Vegas, even in the winter. Second, I try to stay as close to 70° degrees as I can. Finally, you only need six days of drying here. After six days, harvest, trim and transfer flowers to glass mason jars. Close them tight. Open every day and close them tight again. This is called "burping" your jars. After about a week of burping, close the jars tight and store. Let your flowers age in sealed glass jars, like fine wine. The smoke gets smoother and tastier as chlorophyll dissipates from the flowers. Also, over time THCA is converted to THC and your flowers become more potent.

AJ: What do you use for nutrients?

Sean: I use Humboldt’s Secret Base A + B mostly but I also add molasses and maybe some cal mag.

AJ: I have always used Vegas tap water versus reverse osmosis (R.O.). Even though I don’t drink Vegas water, the cannabis plants seem to love it. How about you Sean, R.O. or tap ?

Sean: I always use Vegas tap water.

AJ: Do you veg on a 24-hour-on or 18-on/6-off light cycle?

Sean: I veg with lights on 24/7.

AJ: How long do you veg for?

Sean: Four to six weeks.

AJ: How long do you flower and flush for?

Sean: I flower 12-on/12-off for eight weeks and then flush with just water and a little molasses for two more weeks.

AJ: Do you use any pesticides?

Sean: Nope, NEVER!

AJ: Where do you get your genetics?

Sean: I started with seeds and I keep some mother plants always in veg, which I take my own clones from. I don't take clones from other growers because I am afraid of bringing insects and disease into my clean garden and home.

Thanks to Sean for sharing his home grow with elevate. Although I have only seen pictures of Sean's plants and flowers, I can tell he is on the right track. We only live a few miles from each other so Sean and I may be meeting soon to say hi and gift a few buds because its legal to give away up to an ounce to anyone over 21 years old.

If you have any questions about home cannabis cultivation or if you are a NV Medical Marijuana Patient and want to be interviewed about your home grow, please reach out to me at rookies123@aol.com