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Share the canna love this Mother’s Day

Share the canna love this Mother’s Day

When the gift mom needs most is rest, relaxation, and stress relief

When the gift mom needs most is rest, relaxation, and stress relief

Interest in both CBD and higher-THC-level cannabis products is rising among mothers and for good reason. Last year in the lead-up to a Mother’s Day spent in quarantine, cannabis gifts associated with alleviation of stress acted as an alternative to traditional holiday gifting categories, i.e. fragrances and bouquets. A survey by Miss Grass, a cannabis e-commerce and lifestyle platform, found that cannabis use is replacing wine, with 21% of moms surveyed saying they had completely stopped drinking in favor of THC. “Mom juice (aka wine) is so 2017,” said one respondent. According to BDS Analytics, 47% of female cannabis consumers prefer inhalables, 36% prefer edibles, and 16% prefer topicals.

If She Loves Getting Flower

We all know there is no one more productive than a mom. Enter Huxton’s sativa blend RISE. Seemingly made for moms and Mondays since sativa tends to promote productivity and will allow for focus while giving a mental lift. Huxton’s 7-pack of blended .5-gram pre-rolls are discreet in a compact tin and includes everything, matches and ashtray, mom needs for ease of use and enjoyment. All Huxton products are labeled by effect, not by plant type, so you are always in control of your experience. The brand’s RISE, HIFI and ZEN blends are a mix of curated genetics to help consumers work, play and rest. huxtonusa.com

She’s Always On-the-Go

Panna Extracts 2:1 THC:CBD/CBN Cartridge is a good choice for those moms who have so much on their plate, between virtual learning and scheduling Covid-19 vaccines, that they need to find some stress relief. With THC working as the frontline cannabinoid for brain stimulation, followed with a nearly equal dose of healing CBD, and complemented by the sleep inducing CBN, the three cannabinoids fuse together to deliver a synergistic experience. This cannabinoid combination is commonly used to relax muscles, improve users’ sleep, reduce muscle pain, and relieve pain from temporomandibular disorders (TMJ) and fibromyalgia. euphoriawellnessnv.com

For the Glow Pro

Is mom a sun worshipper? Hopefully she doesn’t overdo it, but if she spends a little too much time catching rays HotMess Kushmetics has a line called Baked that includes an After Sun Recovery Spray. It was specifically made to deliver relief when your skin is too sensitive to touch. With natural ingredients to help soothe and heal, CBD, aloe vera, calendula extract, allantoin, and Vitamin E, it’s a must for mom’s beach bag. The After Sun line also has a Body Lotion and CBD Lip Budder. hotmesskushmetics.com


For the Chocolate Lover

If mom has a sweet tooth give her absolute bliss in the form of Dreamland White Chocolate Radiant Raspberries bar. Made luscious with indulgent white chocolate and real bits of raspberry, this fruit forward dessert bar will put her high in the clouds. It’s infused with pure cannabis distillate to provide some sedating and relaxing effects perfect for finishing off a busy day of being a mother. Designed for consumers who enjoy both savory and sweet flavors, Dreamland Chocolate bar comes with 10 doses for your mom to share or to keep all to herself. planet13lasvegas.com


The Gift of a Good Night’s Sleep

If there is one thing every mom deserves this Mother’s Day, it’s an incredible night of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Look no further than Incredibles SnoozzzeBerry Chocolate bar with 20 mg CBN and 100 mg THC. CBN is known for its sedation properties so her dreams can come true with this CBN- and THC-infused chocolate bar made with dark chocolate covered blueberries and crispies. Each piece of dosed chocolate includes 2 mg CBN and 10 mg THC to ensure mom can get the recharge she needs on crazy days. thesourcenv.com


Put her Head in the Clouds

LIIIL STIIIZY makes a practical gift because the portable, disposable vape device delivers both great taste and bigger clouds. Seemingly made for the on-the-go mom, LIIIL STIIIZY vapes are quick, easy to use, no clean-up, discreet, and smell is minimal. These are half gram vapes so the whole unit holds 500mg of vape oil and ranges between 78 - 90% THC. Whether she prefers sativa, hybrid, or indica, you’ll find one of her favorites with choices that include Strawberry Cough, Sour Diesel, Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, Birthday Cake, Do-Si-Dos, Grand Daddy Purp, and Hardcore OG. apothecarium.com

This Bud’s for Her

A cross between Loompa’s Headband and Watermelon Zkittlez, Summa Cannabis introduces its tasty Zour Watermelon as an optimal strain for busy mothers looking for a calming experience. This indica-hybrid strain is packed with terpenes that include limonene, caryophyllene, pinene, humulene and linalool. With an excellent dose of THC present, along with a full entourage effect from the highest present terpenes, users report Zour Watermelon is helpful for treating mood swings, chronic stress or anxiety, neuropathy and chronic pain. summacannabis.com

For the Novice

Available in dozens of strains and flavors, consider Kabunky Kwik Sticks vape cartridges for a new-to-cannabis mom. Not only are they discreet and portable, but also fast-acting and potent. Mom will love the instant effects that vaping cannabis produces, and she’ll appreciate that there’s no smoke or heavy smell because she’s not combusting plant matter. There’s no hardware or batteries or buttons to push. All she needs to do is draw on the mouthpiece to get a smooth, flavorful hit every time. nevadamademarijuana.com

If she wants to get unwined

Skip getting her a bottle of wine or champagne this year. Turn mom onto cannabis beverages instead. Curaleaf has launched Select Squeeze which is an innovative THC-beverage enhancer offering consumers the ability to turn any beverage into a THC-infused experience. It comes in four flavors—Watermelon, Strawberry Lemonade, Hint of Sweet and Lemon Lime—and leverages the brand’s innovative nanotechnology to provide a premium moodset in 15-30 minutes. Select Squeeze is for mothers who want to consume discreetly and avoid a dreadful hangover. acrescannabis.com