Meet the coolest grandma in America – 91-year-old Aurora Leveroni, also known as “Nonna Marijuana.”

Nonna is a master of marijuana cooking and a fierce advocate medicinal marijuana use. When her daughter Valerie Leveroni Corral was in a car accident over 40 years ago, the brain trauma Valerie sustained from the accident caused her to have severe grand mal seizures – up to five a day – for which she had a pharmacopeia of prescription drugs that didn’t help. She eventually discovered that marijuana provided her the relief that nothing else could.

And that’s when Nonna started cooking with cannabis to help her daughter.

In this first episode of Bong Appetite from Vice’s Munchies, host Matt Zimbric visits Nonna and Valerie at their home and medicinal marijuana farm in northern California.

Valerie formed the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) in 1993 with then-husband Michael, the first medical marijuana collective to receive nonprofit status from the federal government and a highly influential, high-profile medical marijuana advocacy organization. Valerie herself has been likened to Mother Teresa. Members of WAMM receive medicinal marijuana in exchange for volunteer work on the farm, and members who are too sick to work are not charged at all.

In the video, Zimbric tours the farm with Valerie, who gives a brief lesson on different strains of the cannabis plants they grow and their general medicinal uses and effects. We hear testimonials from Valerie and another friend, whose asthma suffering has been significantly reduced through marijuana use.

And we get to see Nonna being the boss that she is in the kitchen.

“I like to cook with medical marijuana because I feel that it helps those who have been ill and have had to endure pain,” Nonna says on camera. “I will use it if it helps anyone.”

While she is an extremely passionate proponent of medicinal marijuana, she doesn’t ingest it herself and doesn’t even sample her own cannabis cooking. “I don’t get high on my own supply!” she happily exclaims.

This is 20 minutes of your time extremely well spent!


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