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9 lb. Hammer and Lavender


JuJu Joints’ Steven Hawking Kush


NevadaPure Chocolate Gold Bar, Evergreen Organix Brownies

What is their mission?

Striving for a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit for patients.

CBD Lotion

Cannamour, CBD for Life, Trew Balance

Well-known strains in the Sahara Wellness Inventory

Girl Scout Cookies, Lavender, Fire Alien, Strawberry Cough, Cookie Cross, Purple Haze.

The one thing you should know

“That we care and that’s why we got in this business. We believe wholeheartedly in putting patients before profits,” explains co-owner Alex Davis.

What kind of products?

Sahara Wellness plans to carry high quality products that range from high CBD to high THC strains as well as CBD lotions, topicals, and edibles.

What makes them unique?

The dispensary has two unique attributes. Not only is it serendipitously located at an address of 420, which the owners didn’t know the meaning of at the time of purchase, but it is an all-female-owned entity. “Since it’s all women doing it, hopefully we have the compassion to help a lot of people. I know that word is used a lot but that’s why our group got involved. We are committed to the patients and the community and their needs,” explains Brenda Gunsallus, general manager/co-owner.

How educated are their staff?

Sahara Wellness brings in professionals, including growers, attorneys and nurses, to educate and make presentations to the staff. Additionally, Sahara Wellness has a private patient waiting room so patients can discuss their conditions freely which, the dispensary’s owners, believe is important for patients who have never used cannabis as a medicine before.

What does the place look like?

“We went for the spa feel with the rock wall and water fountain to create a calming, serene effect. We wanted to it to be a place where patients would feel comfortable,” says Davis.