Top Selling:


White Widow, Reserva Privada (both in-house strains)


Bio-Jesus Shatter, Silver State Trading Cartridge Sonic Screwdriver, Moxie Grape Kush Vape Tank


Cannavative Gummiez and Cheeba Chews

Range of products

Silver State Relief currently carries almost all the suppliers in the state and the dispensary is looking forward to manufacturers bringing inhalers into the market.


Evergreen Organix Lip Balm and Dixie Synergy Balm

Mission Statement

Silver State Relief considers itself one of Northern Nevada’s premier distributors of medical marijuana and marijuana products. Using a highly controlled adaptive operation that provides a broad range of high quality, fairly priced products, Silver State Relief believes in bringing legitimacy to the marijuana industry by acting with the highest level of integrity, strictly adhering to regulations, and promoting the clinical efficacy of medical marijuana.

Medicine Source

Silver State Relief is currently growing 28 strains at its cultivation facility with an additional seven strains being released soon. In addition to its own Silver State Cultivation, they also acquire flower from throughout the state.

Unique Attribute

Silver State Relief and Silver State Cultivation are able to grow and procure in bulk allowing them to pass on not only savings, but also quality medicine to Northern Nevada’s patients.

Customer Service Philosophy

Silver State Relief demonstrates its commitment to incomparable quality, education, and support for medical marijuana cardholders in Nevada and other states in any way they can, including changing lives by working directly with patients suffering from PTSD and fighting opioid dependencies.
In an effort to maintain the current experience for medical patients while providing a different venue for recreational customers, Silver State is doubling its space, adding 3,900 square feet and 12 point-of-sale stations. The expansion will be completed this month in time for adult-use later this summer.

Staff Education

Many of Silver State Relief’s suppliers provide educational programs for patients several times every month. Additionally, the dispensary provides classes on different aspects of cannabis use for both the inexperienced and experienced user.

Charitable Endeavors

Silver State Relief holds a food drive for
the Food Bank of Northern Nevada each year. Last year their patients brought in over 1,000 pounds of food. The dispensary also hosted a holiday toy drive for disadvantaged children in Northern Nevada as well as worked with non-profit RAVE, which brings respite care to children with special needs.