The Grove builds team with commitment to providing most effective medicinal cannabis possible

“Medicine the way nature intended.” That’s the short answer to how Demetri Kouretas, CEO of The Grove,, describes the products being carried at the two dispensaries he and his team will be opening in Las Vegas (4647 Paradise Road) and Pahrump (1541 E. Basin Avenue) in early fall.

The long answer? “The mission of The Grove is to provide high-quality and organically grown medical marijuana products to qualified patients in a compassionate and ethical manner,” further explains Kouretas. “We will listen to our patients’ needs and adjust our inventory based on their requests so we can continue to help treat their conditions.”
So committed to its patients, The Grove has hired a general manager to run both dispensaries who is a registered nurse and very knowledgeable of the different strains and ailments they treat. In addition, the majority of The Grove’s employees will have medical backgrounds to better assist patients. “It’s imperative that we help our patients learn how to medicate properly,” says Kouretas.

The Grove will offer a full range of products, all produced according to strict standards for organic growing and processing, including a variety of flower (buds), joints (pre-rolled), blunts (all natural), topicals, CBD varieties, tinctures, hash, oil concentrates, drinks, sub-linguals, pills, extracts, and possibly seeds and/or clones.

“The medicines we plan to offer will be based on what local cultivators have that is aligned with our patients’ needs,” explains Kouretas of the wide selection of strains the dispensaries will carry when they open, which includes: OG, Bubba Kush, Blackberry Kush, Strawberry Chemdog, Pineapple Cheese, Gorilla Glue, The Sauce, Grand Daddy Purple and Velvet Elvis.

The Grove’s own operational grow and production facility will be up and running in early 2016. “With the help of our experienced master grower and his team of experts, we will carefully cultivate hybrid strains that grow the most effective medicinal marijuana,” Kouretas proudly notes of the experts he has assembled, continuing, “we have built a team of people who embody both experience in a variety of medical backgrounds and a heartfelt commitment to improving the lives of those who can benefit from medical marijuana.”