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Top Selling:


Las Vegas

Head Cheese, Gorilla Glue — Lee Roy and Strawberry OG (from The Grove’s Kannabis strain line)


Head Cheese, Gorilla Glue, Lee Roy (from The Grove’s Kannabis strain line), 9LB Hammer


Las Vegas

Sin Valley OG, Gorilla Glue, Tangerine Power


Sin Valley OG, Sin Mint Cookies, Blue Powder


Las Vegas

Evergreen Organix Dark Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cake Pops


Evergreen Organix Dark Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Hard Candies


Las Vegas & Pahrump: Evergreen Organix intimacy arousal massage oil and Trew Balance CBD cream

Range of products

CBD products, concentrates, edibles, flower, kief, O.penVAPE, tinctures, topicals, and variety packs. Additionally, The Grove is a one-stop-shop for non-medicated items including accessories such as vape pens and batteries, glass pieces, grinders, and lighters.

Whats their mission?

To distribute high quality medical marijuana products to qualified patients in an ethical manner while striving to share our knowledge of the endocannabinoid system and its role in health with our patients in a continuing effort to improve effectiveness and safe use of medical marijuana.

Medicine source

The Grove has its own high-tech, state-of-the-art indoor cultivation and production facility growing its products under the Kannabis banner. The Grove also sources flower and products from other facilities.

Customer Service Philosophy

The Grove personalizes its customer service with one-on-one patient attention. Knowing patients may have insecurities or fears about coming to a dispensary, budtenders ease concerns using their knowledge to help patients feel conformable with cannabis.

What makes them unique?

Because The Grove is vertically integrated, patients benefit from unique strains such as Strawberry Chem OG and Lee Roy (both from their Kannabis line) available only at The Grove.

Patient Education

The Grove hosted a ‘Barriers to Medical Marijuana Research’ event earlier this year, and is currently in the planning stages for a veterans-focused event this fall in a continuing effort to offer education on a wide variety of topics for patients.

How educated are their staff?

The Grove’s budtenders undergo an extensive training and intake process taking a detailed course to ensure they understand the products, profiles and pairing benefits. Courses are led by The Grove’s Master Grower Kevin Biernacki, Head of Production Robbie Wright, and VERT Master Chef Melissa Parks. Budtenders also attend a weeklong product training class, in addition to state compliance seminars.

Noteworthy Exports

Dr. Sue Sisley is The Grove’s Medical Director and a member of the Nevada State Independent Laboratory Advisory Committee (ILAC). She is recognized for her groundbreaking work as the SITE principal investigator for the only FDA-approved research using whole plant medical cannabis to study the risk and benefits of cannabis for combat veterans with treatment resistant post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).