The Travel Joint is establishing a Cannabis Refugee Program to aid families who have not found pharmaceutical medications to be effective and are, in turn, migrating to states that have legalized medicinal marijuana. Launching in mid-fall 2015, the objective of the Cannabis Refugee Program is to ease the financial burden of families so they can focus on healing.
“It is heartbreaking to see what families go through when their children or family

members are suffering from rare medical conditions that are only aided through the use of cannabis oil,” explains Rachel Zimbelman, Chief Creative Officer for The Travel Joint. “It is equally heartbreaking to hear about what the families go through to have to get it. Parents are often separated and one stays back to work and help fund the move while the other moves on with the child to begin a long and often lonely process.”
Currently a portion of any purchase made

on goes to fund the Cannabis Refugee Program. Utilizing social media, The Travel Joint will choose one family a month for the program. Families will be chosen based on a list of criteria ranging from severity of illness to financial need. To find out more, Travel Joint will be posting via its social media outlets @thetraveljoint when the program starts or interested parties can email