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Phone Number:

(702) 776 – 4144

What is their mission?

To provide safe, affordable access to medical grade cannabis, while maintaining environmentally friendly methods and inclusive business practices that build toward fun, fulfilling, and diverse communities.

What kind of products?

Concentrates, oils, 35-45 different strains of flower, topical lotions and creams, tinctures, salves, and edibles.

What makes them unique?

Thrive’s mission is driven by its main obsession: providing and producing well-grown, high quality cannabis. Britten refuses to associate Thrive as a dispensary, but rather refers to it as a cannabis marketplace. In that spirit, Britten hopes to be Las Vegas’ one-stop shop, providing a selection of everyone’s favorite strains from cultivators and producers around the state. As the cannabis industry evolves, Thrive maintains its passionate dedication to learning and keeping up with the most recent scientific breakthroughs and cutting-edge technology. Devoted and enthusiastic about growing the highest quality plants and offering patients flawless strains, Britten intends for Thrive to be Nevada’s price leader, offering the most competitive prices instead of stripping affordability from patients.

What does the place look like?

Thrive’s cannabis marketplace sports hints of retail stores REI and lululemon. But Britten’s inspiration came from the idea of sustainability. Featuring dark wood floors and reclaimed oak throughout, patients are met with a comfortable, inviting and familiar coffee-shop-esque feeling of relaxed comfort.

How educated are their staff?

Mitch Britten, owner of Thrive Nevada, comes from one of the largest cannabis brands in Colorado, LivWell, which had 13 retail locations and employed over 475 employees. As the former director of operations for the Colorado company, Britten will be the lead educator of Thrive Nevada’s staff.

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