Wish granters and board members at Wish Upon a Wedding believe in the celebration of love—even in the face of catastrophic illness and life-altering situations.

The non-profit organization, which is made up of wedding and hospitality professionals, was formed to help extraordinary couples say, “I do.”

In 20ı0, wedding photographer and president of the Las Vegas Chapter, Adam Frazier, joined the non-profit organization in holy matrimony. Since the founding of the Las Vegas Chapter, Frazier and his team of wish granters have granted five weddings. And they are itching to do more.

Las Vegas is known as the marriage capital of the world (cue wedding bells). Thanks to this title, Frazier had no difficulty building a network of eager and generous wish granters.

The question is, then, why has there only been one wedding granted each year by the Las Vegas Chapter? Two words: cold feet. “The most difficult part is finding couples,” explains Frazier. “We’ve had couples who started the wish process, but backed out because they started to feel self-conscious about receiving our free services.”

These unconventional pre-wedding jitters have turned into a huge roadblock for the organization. Wish granters are struggling to connect with couples who, according to Frazier, want to honor their love but at times surrender to their guilt for accepting Wish Upon a Wedding’s donated services. The charity’s donated services include a wedding planner, catering and rentals, hotel accommodation for one night, the venue, a florist, and a photographer and videographer.

For Frazier, the work that goes into granting weddings has never felt like a heavy burden or a sacrifice. Instead, it feels like a gift.

“I want our couples to know that they don’t have to fall through the cracks,” says Frazier. “We won’t let them because we are really excited to do this.”

At the core of every wedding is a love story, and the wish granters promise each couple one day completely free of worries and full of love.

“When you strip all of the layers away, the couples are left with one moment. And our job is to preserve that moment,” says Frazier.

Wish Upon a Wedding grants two kinds of wishes. The Classic Wish will be granted when one person in the couple is diagnosed with a terminal illness with a prognosis of five years or less, or is facing a serious life-altering circumstance. Those facing a prognosis of ı2 months or less will be granted an Urgent Wish.

Frazier asks couples to be courageous in celebrating their love the same way they have courageously fought through devastating obstacles. The Las Vegas Chapter invites couples to start the simple application process online through Wish Upon a Wedding’s website, www.wishuponawedding.org.

“We are all sitting at the edge of our seats waiting for the next couple!” says Frazier.