One of the biggest challenges dispensaries will face is managing an ever-changing supply of medicinal cannabis strains. More challenging yet, will be keeping patients up-to-date with what strains are available at the dispensary and the various conditions and diseases they treat.

Digital signage is an effective option dispensaries are using to display inventory while saving on paper costs to maintain an environmentally friendly approach. “Our digital signage product is user friendly, scalable and gives our customers everything they need to take control of their digital marketing to enhance the guest experience at their dispensary,” explains Bill Connell, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, of digital media signage company Zem Media.

“At the heart of the system is how easy it is to make changes to the signage on a daily basis. Each client has their own portal, a content management system, on our server that can be accessed through any internet connection. No special workstation is required to manage your signs. It puts the owners in full control of their medium,”
says Bill of the electric signs.

Zem Media Digital Signage

Zem Media is currently working with 14 Las Vegas-based dispensaries on their signage needs. Using Zemplates, which are preset formats of signs in varying configurations and sizes, the dispensary is able to create signage unique for their establishment. The digital marketing company has numerous Zemplates available for their dispensary customers to choose from based on their needs and wants. Additionally, custom Zemplates can be created.

Programming Zem Media digital signage is simple — clients just upload, drag, drop, and display. Changing the signage is easy too. Zem Media clients can go into their system and change a product’s price with the click of a button and upload the change simultaneously to one screen or 1,000.

Dispensaries can also stream video and play You Tube videos on Zem Media’s digital signage. “They can stream as many videos as they want. Their imagination is their limitation,” says Bill. “We just implemented signage at one dispensary that had 10 screens with a different message on each one and they were all constantly changing.”

The overall experience for the dispensary patient is further enhanced by Zem Media’s digital signage as the perceived wait time (the time a person believes they are waiting in line) is typically reduced by 40 to 60 percent. Bill further describes the ancillary benefits the signs have for the dispensary patients, explaining that “our signs can educate customers before they get in the purchase room so they know what particular strain can affect which particular illness. It’s almost like having extra employees by reducing the amount of questions the customer has to ask the employees about what each strain does.”

Bill sums it up, “The better the patient is educated, the better the experience.”